How Buscabullas Raquel Berrios Wrote Her Way Back Home In Regresa

Latina to Latina


That's nominaux by. And that dreamy voice belongs to use half of the INDIE pop duo. The other half is her partner Co, parent Louis value. The couple started making music together while living in New York, but after Hurricanes Maria hit Puerto Rico. It decided it was time to go back home that return in the very meaning of home inspired their new first album. That could SA. I am not a native Spanish speaker, so I had never heard the word was skull Ya and so I loved it and I love the definition being a troublemaker. Are you by nature a troublemaker? I mean I would say no. But I do like i. kind of like what it implies in a way I do think that I'm always curious. I don't know I feel like I. Do have may be a troublemaker sort of nature when it comes to maybe making music like I like to take two worlds that are not supposed to come together and bring them together like to create and work with tension, so maybe in a way. That's why I was very much drawn to the name. Growing up in Puerto Rico. What kind of music was on her? On my Dad's side, a lot of so three. Oh Music Rock. He loved rocks and on my mother's side. My mom was more like an MTV head like. She just loved Madonna Prince Chardonnay. She was like more like mainstream. So I think that she will was more to English meet like English spoken music, and Spanish music, so we heard a lot of that, and that's mostly what Puerto Ricans here like we you know. Our airwaves are all like top forty American music, so we grew up with a lot of American music on the radio. But also like. And a lot of the Puerto Rican music was really has always been really important for my dad and my dad really taught me to love the music that was from my home country. Sucre up on the island. What's the turning point where you decide? You want to move to New York. Well I mean I studied architecture and design, and it was working at an office, and then I felt that really that may be. Our design wasn't really what I wanted to do. Like a wanted to be creative. And, so, I got I got into Rhode Island. School of design for my master's degree and I decided to textiles, and so I kind of knew that I might ticket to get into new. York was to actually go to maybe a school where I could get a job in new. York because I always dreamt about going to New York I mean my. My mother was born in the Bronx, and my parents were flight attendant, so I saw them come back and forth, and you know. New York has such a powerful presence in movies in the media. always felt like as a creative person that I wanted to go to New York and see like like I wanted to kind of find myself creatively there. How did you meet Lewis? Lewison I met at a friend's Party I. Mean I feel when you're Puerto? Rican your Puerto Rican near New York. You're bound to just be in party you'll. You'll probably meet anybody if you're around the same age I had the sort of like Make Ban with my friends Ban The way you putting it in quotation marks. Because I think it was sort of like mostly like a band that we never really kind of record anything we had songs, but it was mostly to pass the time and have fun like it was a timer. Like single just writing about like you know like just being single in the city, and it was kind of like a silly kind of project, but we were kind of playing our songs and. We used to do like weird like Spanish covers of pop songs, and we were doing a cover of bed romance of Lady Gaga in Spanish. and. I didn't know how to finish the song. I didn't know the cords Lewis comes in. I know the course of that song. And then he came in, and we finished a song from there on I knew he made music that he had like a whole history with bands. He had actually come to New York to make music end. Just like that we connected. We started hanging out jamming and. I showed some demos that I had with with the beginnings of what was boost cowboy Dan was super excited about it and immediately we. We hit it up and we started making music and we fell in love. But which came first the music or the Romance I have said a music came I for sure I. Main I'm seven years older than Louis so in a way I kind of felt a little bit like I. Don't really know if this is GonNa be a good thing. Again felt a little bit nervous, but I'm like, but I have a lot of fun with this person and he's super talented, so the music did come first.

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