Teachers Visit Dallas Memorial Honoring Black Lives Lost to Violence


At the entrance to Dallas is historic Thanksgiving Square. There There are are the the faces faces of of black black lives lives lost lost to to violence, violence, and and on on Saturday Saturday a a group group of of teachers teachers Gathered Gathered at at the the wall wall to to honor honor them them one one of of the the teachers teachers the the lane, lane, Blacker Blacker said. said. If If there's there's evidence evidence black black lives lives don't don't matter. matter. Then Then we we can't can't truly truly say say all all lives lives matter. matter. While While the the Koven Koven 19 19 health health crisis crisis has has made made a a start start to to the the school school year year tenuous tenuous for for teachers teachers and and students students Urlacher says teachers need to continue advocating for the black lives matter Movement and systemic change within schools. Businesses are leadership as well as empowering their student. And American

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