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L. Over one. This is David. Sparks joined by my fellow co co-hosts, your friend and Mine Mr Stephen, Hackett Hello, student. David. How how're you? I'm great I you know how much I enjoy recording memories. It just puts a spring in my step. It's good. It's a good way to start the week. We normally coord- these the beginning part of the week and it's it's nice to have it have it early sets a good tone and this week. I feel like we're talking about a subject that needs some love, so I am looking forward to talking about some love about the Apple Watch. Yeah, we've been going through these state of episode talking about the Mac and iphone ipad apple services, and now we've come to apples at least physically smallest platform the Apple Watch. Before we get started the usual announcements, we have a forum. That's really great at talk. Dot mcpike, DOT, com. We have a newsletter that you can sign up for right here. In the show notes and get all of the carefully crafted links and shown delivered right to your inbox when the show publishes, and if you WanNa, get the show without ads and little extra content sign up to become a member for the power users episode. You can do that. Right on. The webpage was sink set of an announcement I like that. Hey, man I'm not messing around today and the the member episode we are going to be talking about Stevens iphone. That is now in the Beta it is. Yep I hit the button after our last episode. I've been running it for almost a week and I have a lot of thoughts. Some looking forward to talk to you and getting caught up on I was fourteen, and we're making this subsidy about the Apple Watch, so of course you put the bait on your watch to right. No I did not. I did I took one for the team. Guys you did took a bold choice because you can't undo it yourself. You got a good apple I have no fear I. Write off the scene in Indiana Jones temple. It was the third one was the third called. Last crusade last crusade where he puts his foot out there and just the leap of Faith I. Just did that for you guys. And a problem I watch still works. My wrist is not on. Fire were all good. It's good. Apple Watch so this was the first product that really showed up after Steve left us. I think so. That was rumored to be the case in the lead up to the Apple Watch that it was going to be kind of the first full-blown product that apple a taken on. After jobs death, which was three years before this. I don't know. Exactly how true that is, but obviously the bulk of the work happened after his his death and so. In my mind, this is the product whether or not the dates perfectly lineup. This is the first product that is the post jobs era, this remarks that insurance for me and I think you could see that I I watched some of the original keynote and you can kind of see that. Tim Cook's very emotional about it. I think he had a lot invested in. It and apple was Kinda got to prove that they could still do it even without jobs at the helm. Is a very interesting product an interesting time. Know. I was felt like they were getting a bum rap. I mean Steve was amazing amazing in. And complicated, and you know if you're reading about him sometimes pretty difficult, but. he got some of the low hanging fruit while he was there like the phone. And I think the PAT were both pretty obvious of places for apple to go. And a raise like well, they can't innovate anymore. Well Ziv got the good ones in. And sure. Watch when they introduced the Apple Watch I think probably watch. Wearing was at an all time low because of the success of the phone I. Mean How many people I don't need an apple. Watch I just pull my phone in my pocket. I want to see what time it is. so I I always feel like they got kind of a bum rap and I would argue that like this apple silicon transition is proof that they still know what they're doing. Yeah, but the watch. was that first big move and I remember when it came out they what they went to the junior college down there and Cupertino that built. Refrigerated Demo area outside. Yeah, it was the venue. They introduced the first Macintosh. So that that is Danza. College had some real. NERD history about it. Yeah, I was in Cupertino going meet some people and Apple, and I went right by that place, and like Oh. Yeah, that's the watch place. But the the initial keynote. Was Interesting I. Feel like the Apple Watch is one of the few products apples announced. Were I'm not sure they knew what people were going to do with it. You know I agree in re watching it. It feels really scattered, and I try to thinking about other big product launches, so the ipod was a very simple device at the beginning. Put your music on it. Listen to your music. You could shuffle right pretty a pretty narrow scope of features. The IPHONE was a big step out of the original iphone. Demo- which courses famous jobs probably best keynote. Broader than the IPOD, but. Still kind of felt cohesive jobs, had that really long demos like I'm going to go to a map and make phone call and make a note, and it was all related and the IPAD. They had you know these things. This device is better than the phone and better than the laptop the watch. Really I think they had four big ideas, so they had time keeping that. Hey, this is a watch. A lot of the original stuff about the Apple Watch from apple is about how exact time piece it is, and how beautiful it is as a watch and. That's that's fine. It was then fitness, but not a huge focus on fitness, definitely like there is now. They had communication which really revolved in the beginning. It's not even part of watch os anymore. Were you had I think it was eight or ten close contacts and the whole side button on the watch the Bun. Underneath the digital crown was dedicated to getting you to this friends interface where you could go around and message, somebody do digital touch right I'm gonNA draw a little fish to tell you that I want to go out to sea, food or two yellow taps means you're late to a meeting. That didn't really ever take off I. Don't think

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