NEMA urges public to prepare for 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season


And tis the season hurricane season that isthe Mima wants you to make sure you're ready for it. The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is off to a blazing start. And with Fay, the sixth named Storm of the year, having whizz through these parts last week, 2020 is on a record pace. We are going into the peak of hurricane season and we certainly are and exactly where you live could heighten the amount of risk you face for people that are along the coastal area. Flooding is the biggest risk when you look at the winds and heavy rain. Fall even far away from the coast, pretty extensive damage it can happen. Chris Bessie is with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. He suggests we all build an emergency kit of supplies. Everyone sort of emergency supplies would be a little different, but everyone should be sure to pack face coverings in sanitizer. Anything you may need to protect yourself from covert 19 in the event. Your home needs to be

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