Most California Schools Unlikely To Open In Fall Under New State Rules


California's governor has issued new rules that could keep public schools across much of the state closed this fall. Kyle Stokes of member station KPCC reports if their toe open counties will have to reverse a surgeon Corona virus Cases. Governor Gavin Newsom says schools cannot open for in person classes if their county Has been on the state's Corona virus monitoring list in the past 14 days. Much of Southern California the Bay Area and Central Valley is currently on that watch list. Here's Newsome. We all prefer. In classroom instructions for all the obvious reasons, but on Ly on ly if it could be done safely. The state's two largest school districts, Los Angeles and San Diego have already announced they'll resume classes next month online on Lee, But the governor's order would override plans like in suburban Orange County to offer some on campus instruction. Start the New Year for NPR News. I'm Kyle

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