Chicago’s City Colleges will wipe out debt of former students who return, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announces in push to boost post-COVID recovery


Of Chicago's out with a new plan to wipe out college debt for some residents who want to get back into the classrooms but can't afford it. W danced. Ahmad Bradley has the story. The city is calling it a fresh start a four year debt forgiveness program to help former city colleges. Students return to school. The second city is giving Chicago and a second chance under the program. Some 21,000 students in good standing dropped out over the last decade because they couldn't pay their tuition and fees. Will be eligible to clear their debt and return to finish school. Too often, college debt stands in the way of a person's dreams for their futures, The Bears office says of the students who qualify for the program, 51% of black 34% Latino. These air students have already accumulated some college credit and left in good standing. The vast majority, as chancellor indicated, are black and brown and come from the communities most impacted by the economic crisis and covert 19 Returning students will have half their outstanding debt forgiven if they remain enrolled with good grades. The rest of the debt is forgiven. Once a student completes his or her degree till Willis was enrolled at Harold Washington two years ago before tuition Bill arrived, she could not handle. I was working two full time jobs and I was so motivated But I was unable to pay off the rest of that solution. Willis plans to return to school through the program, The mayor says this new effort is the next step in Chicago's fight against poverty. Upper mobility doesn't have to be a pipe dream anymore. State health

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