The Murchison Murders


The Murchison his large raging in the state of Western Australia. That's nine for it's agricultural and mining prospects. Spinning across two hundred, ninety, one thousand square kilometers, the region is home to many small sparsely populated towns that consists mostly of rugged up back and Darod Bush land. During the Western Australian Goldrush of the light eighteen hundreds, many people flocked to the area in the hopes of securing a fortune which resulted in the construction of several towns that were later abandoned when the short lived gold rush ended. Afterwards there was little work available except for agricultural workers shape, shearer's camel and toe spike is blacksmiths and boundary riders who were employed to maintain the outer edges of sheep and cattle stations. But. The turn of the Twentieth Century Roberts from the country's ace than sites had made their way across the desert, and into Western Australia's agricultural areas. European settlers had introduced the rabbits to Australia more than a hundred years earlier and to die, eventually became an invasive pest that caused significant damage to the country's ecology and farmland. To combat what became known as the great plague? The Western Australian government decided to build the world's longest fence which stretched all the way from the north. Coast to the south coast. In Nineteen, Oh two construction of the first phase began in the small wheatbelt belt in of Barak Open which became the major administration center for the fence. A twenty foot wide lawn was cleared through the Bush all the way south to a small bay called starvation. Boat Harbor and the Mesh fence was then erected to fate west of the center of the line. Twelve foot gates were installed at designated intervals to allow passage through the fence. Wooden posts were also added every mile h Ma with a number that represented the distance from Barak, open. In nineteen, Ninety five, the second phase began with the remainder of the fence, being built from Barracuda open to the north coast of Western Australia. Stretching for one thousand, eight, hundred twenty seven kilometers, it became known as the number one rabbit proof fence. The number two fence was completed in April of ninety five, and was one thousand, one hundred and fifty eight kilometers loan. It began on the south coast, approximately one hundred twelve kilometers west of the number, one fans, and essentially ran parallel to it before turning east and joining the first fence at Gum Creek. The number three fence, which was completed in Nineteen, seven, started knee Geraldton and extended two hundred and fifty six. Columba's east until it met the number two fence. Collectively the rabbit proof fence was three, thousand, two, hundred thirty seven kilometers long and building. It had cost the equivalent of around eighty three million Australian dollars in today's currency. A government sub department was established to supervise the constant maintenance of the fence. The maintenance team included a shape inspect off sobbing inspector, camel drivers. Rabbit hunters and boundary rod is. Fines were issued to anyone court leaving negates along the fence open, and it was also an offense, but any member of the public to use any of its maintenance tracks.

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