Europe's coronavirus resurgence: Are countries ready to prevent a 'second wave'?


According to the UK Daily Mail. Second wave is striking EUROPE, Spain reintroduces lock down Greece's He's worrying rising cases. The virus is more active in Germany amid warnings friends could quote lose control at any moment. According to the UK Daily Mail. A second wave of covert 19 appears to be striking Europe, forcing Spain to reimpose lockdowns in case is speaking to a three month high in Greece. Head of Germany's doctors union has declared the country is already in the midst of the second wave because people have flouted social distancing rules. Well, this is perfectly predictable. You can't people keep people locked down forever. For literally years in time. It's not a thing that you could dio instead, you're going to have to at some point allow people who are young and healthy to go out there, and if they get it, they get it. That is fact what Sweden is doing in Sweden, which remember until five minutes ago was the bad guy. Sweden has basically flattened her. It looks like Sweden may have reached her immunity is what it actually looks like. Meanwhile, in other countries, they got a problem. In fact it it seems pretty obvious what's happening here. Italy has not seen a second object. Why hasn't Italy Tina? Second uptick because they got nailed. Basically, here's the rule If it burned three population maybe you're done. It is not burned through your population. You probably are not done. Spain's 8500 cases over the weekend and all inclusive resort in Majorca was shut down. Two towns north of Madrid has been put under strict lock down as well. Finland today announced plans to reintroduce recommendations to work from home whenever possible. By August 1st, Finland's cases had risen by more than 300% in two weeks. That run understands us that governor of Florida can't believe. Also governor of Finland Donald Trump, obviously blowing it over in Finland is blowing it over in France as well. Authorities in France grappling with a sharp increase in fresh cases, which has seen more than 7002 infections within the last week. As well as a rise in the number of people being treated for covert 19 in the I C U Around 1200 cases are being reported for day. Two weeks ago, he rolling average with 719. Meanwhile, in Germany, they're seeing an uptick as well. Some 730 cases have been reported each day on average this week against the 460 being recorded her day about two weeks ago. So the second wave is, in fact hitting Europe. It really is kind of the first wife. It really is more the 1st 1 because the first wave Basically just got a little bit squished. And delayed Basically, everything just got delayed. Meanwhile, Sweden seems to be coming out the other end of this. According to Newsweek. As of Sunday, the latest death rate in Sweden for 100,000 people was reported to be 56.4 figure is lower than that reported in the U. K 69.6, Spain 16.8 and Italy, according to the latest report Sunday by Johns Hopkins University. The UK currently has the world's 4th 4th highest death toll Spain in Italy, where the former to European countries hit worse by the outbreak. Sweden's latest case fatality ratio proportion of deaths compared total cases was reported to be about 7.1% and figure is more than half the percentage reported in the UK, half that of Italy in Belgium and nearly half that of France. The reason being that a lot of young people are getting it in Sweden, and he's burned through some of the young population and now they're basically done. Sweden's 70 rolling average daily new cases has been mostly declining since as far back as April 16th when the average was in 99. The average dropped it to two average daily new deaths on August 2nd, according to world Ometer. New infections for 100,000 people in Sweden reported in the past 14 days has dropped from 46% compared to that reported in the 14 days prior. Meanwhile, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, each spiking between 58 206% in new cases. New cases in Denmark, Norway and Finland. All the other places that supposedly handled it better than Sweden have also seen. Their percentage is increasing at around three times the percent drop in new cases scene in Sweden in the past two weeks. So what That sort of says is, it looks like Sweden. Maybe this thing it may look like it's over in Sweden. Under technologies epidemiologist, Sweden's Public health agency. What we've cut down on movement in society quite a lot, if compared how much we travel in Scandinavian countries. The decrease in travel is the same in Sweden, as in the neighboring countries. In many ways, the voluntary measures we've put in place in Sweden have been just as effective as complete lock down in other countries. In other words, when you tell people don't travel, all that much people take it pretty seriously. The point here is that for all the talk about how we know how to handle this, and we just have to shut everything down, Lock down this lock down there. Sweden and locked down and may be the smartest of all sweet may be the smartest of all.

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