Thousands of Israelis join in renewed anti-Netanyahu protests


Netanyahu continues to face a widespread public backlash over his response to the Cove it 19 pandemic. This is on top of the weekly protests over Netanyahu's refusal to step down during his corruption trial. And now we're learning there is a possibility of 1/4 election unless he relents and signs a new budget under an agreement with his coalition partner, we get more from ABC store Donna Miller. She's in Jerusalem, a new record set. Here in Jerusalem as 20,000 Israelis came out to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid the leftists and centrist more evidence this week of Netanyahu's based turning on him over what they see as his failed economic response to Cove in 19 1 sign using Netanyahu's nickname Red. I'm right wing and I'm against Bebe, a new poll shows a whopping 49% of voters for Netanyahu's Likud Party identify with the economic protests. Giordano Miller, ABC

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