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Hello everyone I'm so excited to have Julie obey the. Eva Evergreen semi magical which here with us today. Thank you Julie so much for a be here with us. Thank. You I've been a huge fan of Simba. But a long time. So it's exciting me here. Yeah. We're old friends I remember when when you first started following I, think it was like two years ago or two and a half years ago. So we're we're so excited to have you. I still can't believe people listen to our podcast to be honest I know. Especially all too. Real ask people listen to our pockets. It's a great resource just as an Asian American. It's nice to know that there's a community of authors dogs that are actually owned voices in legitimate though I love podcast. Awesome. So your book is coming out in two days we're recording this on. August second. So so by the time, you hear this is already out. So we're going to hype up the books our listeners can go and just grab it rapidly listen to his podcast. Thank you. Do you have. I. Guess like jitters like are you nervous about your launch it? Yes. Yes and no yes. Because it's finally here in no because I feel like it's been happening for a long time already. So it's a it's exciting just to kneel to finally have the book out in the world and having everyone. Read it. Done very excited. You had. This is your debut, right? Yes, it's my first and only look in the world as of yet. Yeah. We'd love to know more about your background. I mean we're always a writer and what was the process like getting this book maiden put out into the world I never really thought I would ever become a writer I've always absolutely loved reading when I was little I would read all the time. It was my favorite thing like if I could get some Mike Birthday money are doing that always like go towards books like without a doubt. But I never considered. Writing as something that I could do personally. Won I think is is when I was young. There weren't many authors that were. Not White. And Seeing that I was like, okay that's that's not me like I. Love these books. Obviously, I love these authors but I don't think that's that that is me can I can do? So I kind of actually followed in the fall footsteps in my father like what did Biz Adnan or major fight that All all along I did like I love books nevertheless like I loved. Just, the world of books in how it could take away bean escape. I, looking back I didn't do realize that. I did right when I was anchor I never thought much of it but I did right. just refine. Journal or diary land in Middle School. My teacher had speed. The Martian chronicles by Ray, Bradbury. I really liked the book It's budget short stories sort of like said on Mars in then. So her prompt was your own little Martian chronicles on chapter. And having super excited as. Oh. My Gosh is this homework like this can't be homework? This is actually fun. Did that and I didn't think much of it entered it. I was like a penis assignment. That another instance to that like I think this in fifth grade where we did the committee evil medieval course. I also had to write for that class to end up writing like. Twenty K. word count on. The Story? And super excited about that. But then I never thought about it like elevated could be career. Because all I saw Romney was like business medical health care. Fields so might say loss. Eastern. American conduct. Exactly. which you know I still have my day job. Of course in my day job was actually working out really well right now but I I graduated college. I started started day job and. I've been working before you know like I am. Worked Rosen Yogurt shop in high school in like I did internships and stuff like that I worked in the job through college. But my first day job I sat down as her working has. GotTa be more to life than this. Has To. Be. So. Like go back and forth nine to five day job GonNa Commute. Drive home. There's something missing. That job was the right job for me for one company was on the right bit but. I realized I didn't do something more like a Passion Hobby And so I was like, well, obviously like I love books. So maybe I can write like this for fun.

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