COVID-19 relief bill negotiations fall apart as lawmakers remain divided


Congressional leaders, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi met with the trump administration today for what we think was an eleventh round of face-to-face negotiations on another covid relief package for Americans who are out of work or otherwise up against it in the seventh full blown month of this pandemic Democrats offered to knock about a trillion dollars off of their relief bill, which should otherwise been pegged at three point four, trillion, the White House apparently said no to that offer. Many. The deadlines to replenish or extend the relief programs that Congress has passed in the past. Those have already come and gone deadline to continue paying the extra six hundred bucks and unemployment benefits that tens of millions of Americans have been relying on since they've been out of work that deadline came and went July thirty first. The deadline to extend the ban on people across the country that passed on July twenty fourth now as many as twelve million people or risk of losing their homes if they don't get help. Technically the paycheck protection program the Federal Loan Program to try to keep small businesses afloat. Technically, that program is still alive that program doesn't expire until tomorrow, but it does matter tomorrow. With all these federal leaf relief programs either collapsing on the verge of collapsing the trump administration is saying no to the Democrats compromise offer they've been making vague noises about the president trying to do some of these things by executive order the president talked about that tonight at his golf club in Bedminster but then quickly pivoted to spending the next half an hour remarks basically holding a very small campaign rally. Left unsaid at all was how he intends to muster the authority to try to do any of this single handedly since it's congress, not the president. That holds the power of the purse tick tock though in terms of how much Americans need relief right now, there's no end to this pandemic insight. The reason these things are expiring is because when they initially past people thought this would be over by now. It's nowhere near over Americans are suffering just as much as they were when these things were passed in the first place. How's this going to resolve? Joining us now is the Great James Clyburn South Carolina Congressman Chair of the House Select Committee Oversees Virus Relief Funds Congressman Clyburn. It's really nice to see you here. Tonight it's been too long since you've been here on the show I really appreciate you making time to be here. Thank you very much. Can you just give us your overview perspective on what you think is going to happen whether you think that these programs that so many Americans have been counting on will get extended what kind of lapse that will be looking at between those programs initially expiring and them getting re upped when ultimately some deal hopefully, it's worked out. I think we. WORKED OUT WE'LL be the tremendous amid of the week. Weekend. We will have. Some politicians tomorrow I think we're getting close to something happening. That will be beneficial to everybody. When the president talks about doing some of these things by executive order, I feel like I'm going back to my school house rock it's just I'm just a bill kind of basics about how the different branches of government work I mean the one thing the president doesn't have is the power of the purse when he says that he can do some of these things just by signing. An executive order when we're talking about, you know sending money to people weren't talking about an unemployment benefits boost when we're talking about changes around taxes that he's talking about, it doesn't seem to me that he has the power to do any of that as as president. But yet, the White House seems to think that that's a that's another way to get at the relief that's needed. The purchasing is saying that there is no congress, the acid deal with no people the he has to listen to He says these things up think as always throwing something up on the wall to see if it was. I think he knows better than this. The general owners that he issues have gone to court time and time again and they've been thrown back into his face as appointed time. I think he's get the message from the Courts as well. But keep working and we'll come to some agreement I. Wish that Mr McConnell or in the room so that we can get the legislative bodies together but he seems to have. Turned over to the White House, but we'll get something. You you sound confidence and that. Is booming to me because I feel like you're pretty clear eyed observer about what is capable what what Capitol Hill is capable of doing just ask what you would say to Americans right now who are really scared about not just the health aspects of this but the economic aspects of this I mean so many people that I know just in my personal life with their small business owners or whether they are employees of public or private entities. people are worried about whether or not the the economic. Blow that's been dealt to individual families into our country. Right now is something that we're going to recover from in the long run. How do you? How do you see that and? How do you think the government has done in terms of trying to fix some of these these wounds? People are worried and. Something, I'm worried. He got a really a pandemic, but then a pandemic here. When you really look at it they got a big healthcare crisis. They got an economic crisis, and as we focused on trying to do something about the economic crisis, the fact of the matter which are not yet it saw without solving this healthcare crisis. So it's a double whammy here. We have to try to operate knowing full well that you cannot operate within the silo here

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