Socially Responsible Airshow


Talking about the socially responsible air show. and. and. Then you also put another air show on. It's kind of you know time time will tell whether these things actually happened and we hope they do but I like the idea of giving them a little plug just in case they do. The first one's. An actual airshows airshow London Ontario London. Ontario a cool down don't haul ass over to London England. They won't be flying there or or London Kentucky or London Kentucky London Ontario they have black squirrels or new London Connecticut No I'm serious. They have black grey squirrels or replacement of the grace girls in their occasional red squirrels we were. We were doing an event in London Ontario one time, and we were sitting a outdoor cafe and two black squirrels rely. Yeah. They were like just black colored the for squirrels otherwise but I'm pretty sure there was they looked like squirrels but they were they were, and if you're thinking about flying to Canada for this. London Ontario and easy hop. It's an easy hop although there's May or may not be a land virgil now. We're not allowed into into Canada at this time. You never know anyways David I'm sorry go ahead I interrupted you London Ontario Sarah London Ontario presents skied drive. And they're billing it as Canada's first socially responsible and physically distant air show. And September twelve and thirteen. So you got time to get tickets But the deal is going to enforce. Spacing In the parking lot and you watch the show from your car. Seem a lot of that these days but. I drive inertia that's off sunroof is going to have would be worth its weight in gold. Day You go and a convert our very own united. States air force. Thunder thunderbirds you're making their only. Show appearance in Canada that this event so wait a minute they can get him but we can't. I know what the? Hey well, because they'll never touch the ground. To I. Don't know if they can do don't carry internal fuel for all that. Got This arshile democracy flyover thing that someone put up here too. And that's the other one I wanted to ask about who wants to talk about this. David you put it on the list what what is the Arsenal of democracy fate? It's seventy pity say that word sets. Arsenal? No no no. No. It means like partier celebrating F ing fee commemoration. Commemorating the seventy fifth anniversary of the end of world? War. Two. Thousand Dishes for Washington DC September twenty, four, twenty five, and they're going to be a a massive fly over. To, celebrate the end of the war. Of with a lot of World War Two aircraft and fly over there and doing two days. So you can watch it from the mall. You can watch it from some of the places surrounding these fee. and. It's shaping up like it's going to be a good fly on they just are blessed with good weather. Yeah. It'll be something that you won't see. For another twenty, five years. That that time of year in DC is usually pretty good weather but you know it's still a hurricane season for that matter. So and. The dates of that what David? The dates are I just said it's September twenty, four and twenty five. Okay and we'll have Lincoln. The show notes Arsenal of democracy. Flyover. Yeah, and if you don't WanNa look at the show. was going to say, DUB DUB. That's weeks that in in the apple world, it's ww the numeral two w letter W. Letter W. numeral to fly over dot org

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