Christophe Georges and Bentley Americas


This is Robert Ross welcoming you to another episode of cars that matter that I have a very special guest from faraway. Actually, we're a video conference from Los Angeles to France and I'm here with Kristoff George President and CEO of Bentley. Kaz Christoph. It's wonderful to have on the show welcomed Angel Belt For me Today City my pleasure not seen one another for A. Long Time I. Think the most reason get together was for the launch of one of the very auspicious continental GT's at a dinner back on the East Coast. Since that time a lot has happened you were president and CEO at the time, and then you took over as global director product and marketing for period, and then back into the hot seat in America's with. Visits to come back. Well, obviously I thought there was some great work to do. You're kind of an outlier in the world of automotive executives because you've been with Bentley for a long time in. August, the meals. You fell in. Love is Bentley's did you do change talk about authentic? So yes, I joined than say nine G H was one months after was opening the twenty two years ago change away. On any memoir I can change this. By. Just been fascinated and I don't see that being spent for such you came on really at the let's call at the beginning of the new Bentley chose her none was on a roll he had acquired. That year spent Lee was brand new and it was an opportunity to a new chapter in the book of a mark that had been around since one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety S, and this is what we didn't again when they joined in Nj one monsalve Sango peltier's alcohol petty. We massively invested in effectively and new projects like energy with open pets right and this was the start of win. We need it just time to develop talent twin told us to knock. It's that when we introduced it in two, thousand four, each was immediately You'd success enemies in foil immunity del business by affect. Austin. So we took a change of scale company is these new coach Delta G.. Qoriniasa I should remember that launch and has been a perennial favorite of American. Luxury consumers ever sense the continental gt really did move the needle and deny fe on it to the title of your food, which is cows reach metals. That's GAL reach muddles ends easterly of. Today's Account Bacon they quickly a classic. The Guy Industry, you can name a few bullshit. Evan would be a Nike. That's right. beginner naked. It really did my simple definition of echo nosy cheese. All nuts it's hush money when you launch a new. Next Generation of existing cal people asking the question what is new is a new designs, a new feature specification, thick nosy. Belfer once on. So and when you are launching as a next generation of America, the question of from people is them right and that's a very simple way to who gets it's UNCALLED SALTA GT. As they quickly achieved that these estate us was a marketplace it. Absolutely did and what's remarkable is that even under the aegis of a new company or a brand new Bentley showing, say it really hearken back to the roots and the heritage of certainly Bentley's greatest post-war car the continental yes. In that was a remarkable fastback design that was the greatest. Yes. Well, literally continental tour and remains a hugely important collector Carta de as a Calgary says benzine spacious of. Gt was tight and nineteen, fifty, two on. This was at the time the fastest Faldo coop in the markets what became as win. So we took a lot of this inspiration even in terms of design on Galyon even you reaching down way but you can see since relation and you know when you are walking luxury, it is so a sunshine that you as laid back to some good fundamentalists, VN and soup. Stones Having Open Mitch's being nutshell for so many years. It's true. Of course, a couple of years ago you launched what you call the new continental and what I. Think's remarkable about it is that so many times refreshes or new designs don't capture the essence or beauty of their original but this car looks better than ever. Yes, it's remarkable. Thank generation So again, be put tough attention on no changing Zoe. A with his major success of counseling Tennessee these combination of luxury foam of issue Becca, butte package, which allows you to Exalt Dumb of driving shoe. This package is a four wheel drive Paktika spaces appoint foles bet foremost Asia's unique. Place, this was. Full success with fell school

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