'Repeat Offender' - burst 8

Trump, Inc.


The president has broken. So many norms become hard to count or track or even raise an eyebrow. We've all exhausted just calling the president a norm breaker. It's. Is it a think? If he's doing this in plain sight. How wrong could it be I mean I guess to that? I. Would respond what is more important than the president and his cronies violating the law to help him stay in power. Right this is Donald Sherman. Again, the deputy director of citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington. It's a different variety, but that's what the president tried to do with Ukraine. That is used the levers of power in that case, the threat of withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine. To achieve of political end in that case, digging up purported dirt on Joe Biden. In this case, it senior officials and official events used to deliver on overtly political message. I mean, it's an incredible thing to be an incumbent. Gives you all kinds of advantages short you're saying that this is unprecedented. Well I'm saying that it's unprecedented and it's illegal. When I started working on this story I thought I'd only examine trump's out of town travel. Then came this day and July when the president held a press briefing in the White House Rose Garden. Thank you very much everybody. please. Too Hot, but it's pretty warm camp said he was there to talk about China Today aside legislation? And an executive order. To Hold China accountable for its oppressive actions against six minutes. He pivots.

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