Atari Are Back Into Consoles - Where Are They Now?

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The timing for grams at votes you toy brand from Hasbro in renamed company Atari. So, we voted the first first time from Hasbro. Rename. The company Atari whilst world in we sold his company to Hedge Fund. Around Twenty two, thousand, six, two, thousand, seven game over graduate even begin to launch a shoulder. Alive, you'll left basically in story to do things on my own so I get investing in Games. Responsible, for Fitness Games, jeeter Michael or swing visiting Zombie Games. In Game Late Twenty twelve early twenty not to Hedge Fund which at both the company from US winter in into the nation in Vail. So the edge fund itself Wendy to. In be called me back in this love with finding for bankruptcy for jobs in the US. All you're interested. So. Twenty four hours to say a do it. Forty eight hours to. Find the money to buy back in US oil handed up. Becoming, the first of the major shoulder. Over Jari in twenty realty in two guests would say one year. To extricate ourselves with the bankruptcy process. At the time, the company was doing one meet in Euros of revenue and we. Around more than thirty million euros of. Debt so. was. Even the whole. And yes, one year to basically leave bankruptcy in the US and then three years to survive three years to reboot in DC where we are today. Now too long process, but you said like threat that whole time game so is that is that painting a passion like a personal passion for you? I've always liked you know new issue in games I'm the Not of not do producer I am more than the executive producer zero are. Tried to make things happen some set. To. have to rely on teams so It's The beauty of his business inc is you know you always want you create you don't know if he's is going to work. but if you wait in the most if It is just to realize acknowledged it'd be steak. So if you kill the game early enough, you will not lose money not not too much suit against it come back. It's like four right you wanna stay at the table so don't go in. for each project because you're going to end the bust I think it's just a question of you know amid a mistake. Let's get it. Let's stop here. Don't. Business Point during the game into the market because you're GONNA lose bovine. So join me because you have to be. Arab record in the analyses and your ignorance rich of any state as if you can follow me. Something I'd love to get your thoughts on to what I've seen in bit is, is they small indie studios may make say one mobile game it'll explode it'll go huge but then they really struggled to get that follow up game. Is there a lot of pressure from these studios? Maybe they've gained investment off the back of their previous success in the being pushed like you need more than a one hit wonder. I think the win seats in never run in the studio a who is being on the publisher side of the investor side or the executive produce aside so. It's a very difficult business Tell you want I you know it's like being tennis. You have one federer you have one the dog. Thousand Meetings of. Or? So people tend to look at one. Success Rightly, I would say, but visit outs look at these guys we have invested X. and they've met in one meeting thunder. In your yet but so it's great but don't forget. You have one fitter one dollar, your nuggets of Denny spares in the world. So you have. Millions of studios but drivenow studios. We didn't make it. So you have to be very mindful of act and then I would say the of issue. With the to studio that I've found is, is guys deb's in big gain of Utah everything inside the game in before you also did some marketing daughters, your some hours. So He's what received a lot of example than you know, sad stories for studios and great stories above issues where you know. That has invested more than. Adding to the game and the students Vancouver's do better but they don't have the mind to finish Beta on investing marketing issue with somebody was the money we physically speaking up though the project. So it's very, it's a, it's a very difficult situation in. What's going to do the Tories? reconized that than trying to out drank to basically. Bring product to some products to the market, but it's very difficult to. The point is once you have the game, usually the sequel is easy because you have a young money flowing obscene. Experience situation. So you don't have enough problems on after two years or three years at you like, okay. What do we wanted to?

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