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This morning, what did I do? I downloaded installed TIKTOK. And then spent a wasted our. But a very enjoyable our scrolling through two games. I've used tiktok before I've been posted stuff on Tiktok. I think our social media team. Hey Jerry Masako, I think our social media team even uses Tiktok from time to time. But I you know maybe he's a good time now is download it put on the phone in case it gets band. Talk. About confused yeah I thought I'd I'd send all my information to China. Have it, China enjoy it. Why not I'm already sent to Google and facebook might as well give China look. Look see my boring life. Drive to the studio drive home drive to the studio drive home. That's it. Don't go anywhere. Don't do anything. If that excites you president she hadn't. have at it. It's actually really fun. It's probably the most engaging fun creative social site out there. I think it's awesome. Funny stuff. it just well done just really well done, and of course, the president wants to shut it down he sending very mixed signals so. It's really unclear first of all whether he could I guess he could. Could issue an executive order and then then. We'll see in court. because. There's no precedent. For that. Even Chinese companies have First Amendment Rights. TIKTOK? Scared They they've promised now they do all the things that make the White House ten thousand US jobs. We have a US CEO and finally last week they started negotiating with Microsoft to by the American part of it. Then the president said, now I don't want American company to buy it I just WanNa, shut it down. said that late Friday. So. Microsoft's said I hoped. Make up your mind. Meanwhile TIKTOK is filling up with memes saying, heck. No, we won't go that kind of thing. I think it's quite enjoyable and completely harmless. Completely harmless. You know. Any APP. You put on your phone, you should know this. You should know this your phone is the perfect spied vice. It already is and I don't care. You say, Oh, I'm used an apple I don't care apple android. It's a perfect spy device. What's the first thing I? Ask you do you ever see Jason Bourne movie. Spy. Movies ever see them. They always seem to end a begin Jason's driving around. He's cool. I'm cool. Jason. Bourne he's driving around and then some woman gets in trouble and screaming, help me help me and he says hop in the car. What's the first thing he does? Before drives, the woman to safety he takes her phony breaks it in half throws it out the window that doesn't good by the way just a tip. Under nothing. Just pick it up put it back together. But importantly, it's not the Bragan half that matters although it's quite satisfying especially in the old days those phones with hinges man they broke nice. Boom. Show off your muscles met Damon I'm strong I can break a phone and half throw it out the window. That's the most important thing because once it's out the window, it's no longer a homing device, a microphone and a camera in the car. That's what you're carrying around. You're carrying a beautiful little computer. That's always connected to the Internet. Beaming beginning broadcasting your location? Always, not just GPS mind you. The Bluetooth in there, there's something called Beacons Bluetooth beacons, apple put them in their first and android. So we gotta have those two and the whole idea. I. Don't know if anybody's. I don't think anybody's using whole ideas you go into a gap. You Walk into the gap store and the beacon on your iphone says Hey Leo's here he wears ex ex l point them in the right direction and little thing pops up that says, Hey, welcome to the gap fifty percent off if you turn left now. That was the idea beginning some museums use them. You know you're standing in front of the Mona Lisa. Yes. It's small, very small, surprisingly small. That's how was painted. No, it's not a fake. Don't touch it. That kind of thing. So. That's doing that Blit Bluetooth. Here's a fun. Here's a fun thing to do. Turn on Your Bluetooth Pairing I've done this. Get on the bicycle and ride down the street. By the end of the street you have in your Bluetooth, a list of hundreds of devices. Joe's speakers. Sally's refrigerator. Tommy's watch. Jerry's iphone all of those listed because they're sitting there going hey hey, over here, all the time. Then, there's the GPS Oh, and then it's got a microphone actually most of the modern funds have more than one. They have many microphones so they can be really really accurate. been. Really, hear every word you're saying when you try to get Syria to do something she goes I don't know what you're talking about. But boy, she heard you she heard you loud and clear because he got Mike Refunds in that thing. And then there's a camera. My case not just one, there's one, two, three, four. Or cameras not to mention depth sensing accelerometers a compass. This phone is designed to be and it's incredibly useful because of it the perfect homing device that's why that's why Jason Bourne throws it out the window. So we're carrying that around now, who has access to all that great information. Everybody. When you put an APP on your phone, what's the first thing says? It says it has a few things. Can I send you notifications? That's mostly it right. Can I use location if it's a map why not? So you say, yes. Yes. Yes. Now, that APP is just sitting there. It doesn't ask a lot of the things. It does affect. It's funny because. Apple's about to release in a month or two the next version of their iphone operating system I o West Fourteen. And the whole world up in arms. Because Iowa's fourteen adds new things. New Privacy protections like? Here's one the AD industry doesn't like too much. Hey. Right when you install the APP hey, is it okay if I use the apple advertiser ide- to identify you. Know. You could turn it off, but it's buried way deep in the settings now is asking you in the advertising industry says, that's GONNA kill us. Nobody's GonNa say yes to that. We're out of business. Okay. Apple says, yes see that's what you get. We tried we apple by the way. Don't take apples like the the angel here because they wanted to do an ad business, they had a thing called i. adds it would do exactly. That's that's why they had the. Apple advertiser I id. It just flopped. So Apple said, oh. No. What are we going to do? Oh, I. Know Let's pretend we care about your privacy because we can't attract any. You know we can't sell it anymore. So We'll make lemon lemonade out of Lemon and where the privacy company.

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