1094 Kimberly Weitkamp: The Audience Conversion Method


Thanks tag. I'm so excited to be here in talk and I love the part about the train chain. That's just awesome. Well, we talked about we've been talking about this for probably three or four months and we I think we finally have a meeting on the books and we'll get into that is a part of our podcast episode. I'm really curious about this whole Dream Team thing as well we're live on facebook right now in case you have never been live on facebook and you're listening to us live on facebook. Kimberly is an amazing copywriter. Now that's probably where I. WanNa Start Kimberly I wanNA talk about this writing versus copy. Off. I WANNA, make sure people understand that you are not an attorney. So you don't do copy right you copy writing. So let's start with a one. Oh, one definition what is copywriting versus copyright Kimberly absolutely. So copy writing, which is what I do is creating the words for your marketing materials so that your message gets in front of the right people at the right time and copyrights is something legal that deals with the lawyer and I think trademarks, but it's not something I do and I know very little about it. So now I, got it. So that's good. So, you're going to stay in your in your lane here. Today, we're just going to be talking about copy writing. So there's this whole thing about copy writing properly done copywriting can can actually bring in some big dollars in the door. So can you maybe take a a little bit of a deeper dive into what copywriting is and how it helps your business and where we can go with you know content that we're creating because we're good content creation would the thing that we're not good is that the the copy writing? So let's talk about content creation please. Absolutely so With copywriting you the the main thing to keep in mind is whenever you're talking about copywriting you're talking about marketing that has an action in it. So when you want to talk about people doing something so conversion I, Love Your graphics here the money in the Bank I. But also conversion can just simply mean you know people do what you want them to do. Did they. Did they. Did, they listen to an episode did they sign up for your emails? Did they request a call for you any of those types of things? That's where copywriting comes in it is writing with a purpose in mind to bring someone to a call to action. So you you move them from wherever they are in the stage of awareness. That's you know do they know about your? Business do they know what you do that kind of thing. So it moves them from wherever they are to where they need to be there ready to take that next step whatever that is if the next step might be, you know they read this blog post and now I want them to sign up to get more information about future blog posts. Great. Did they take that step? They listen to an upset allowed cast and I want them to subscribe. Did they take that step that kind of thing? All right. So how do we move them along the path? How do we get people from not just? Reading and then clicking but then it's the next step is after they clicked. Now we have to have a compelling reason why they need to take the next step whether it is to actually download the document, and then once they download the document, it's what's the the next email that comes from you are we going to get them to click again? How do you build that trust almost anonymously through through this content creator through this this copywriting program that you can put together. Absolutely, so You build the trust piece by piece. So I always tell people you know think of your marketing as coming from a place of a single question, which is how can I help you creating your marketing material in your marketing campaigns around the single question of how can I help you and you is your audience. So what are they looking for? What are the? Solutions they're looking for, what are there questions and how can you help them get that immediate win you know we like to call them quick wins. What can they do? What can they consume? What can you do for them? That gives them a something positive really fast, and then it's all about building the relationship at its community building through copy and one of the. Best ways to do that, of course, is through a regular consistent communication. So email is a huge thing or social media, and that's you know letting people see a little bit about who you are, what you reminding them of who you are, what you do, why they're receiving your materials and that building in at what you do the value you bring and. Then, you know letting them know about a further options I that answered you yeah absolutely did and I love the idea I want to go back to something. You said a little bit earlier about having a quick win oftentimes people that are that are sharing their their knowledge, their wisdom with their community. They are puking product literally broadcasting what they do out out out. That isn't what is a quick win for your customer or your potential customer order per person that's on your list. So can you share in your with your spin? What a quick win is for somebody that is reading or or a consuming your copy? Absolutely, I would talk about something quick fast and easy. They can see a result. And one of the things you said when talking about this was you know the product and one of the things you really want to be careful about when you're talking about copywriting is you're using the language your audience uses So if you talking about your framework, your product, you your signature course name if they don't know what that is yet, that's not the time for you to be using that so you want to. Give them something guide them to the information they're looking for, and then it's something they can use right away. So for example, you know if your healthcare which. People come to you because they don't know what foods to avoid. So the quick win from download you give them as seven foods to avoid when trying to lose weight. So. Right. Action it's and it's free. It's like okay this is something. So how much along the way?

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