How to Run An Amazing Virtual Event


Welcome to another episode of Marketing School I'm Eric. Su. Neil Patel and today we are going to talk about how to run an amazing virtual event. But maybe we'll get some context everyone I as to what are amazing virtual event was I. It's a growth accelerator virtual events we had. Let's give some people some color what we have. We had to mazing speakers we had great networking one networking with speed networking. Group networking and we had chat to connect everyone afterwards we did this over the course of four weeks. Each week is about three hours or so we've ended hot seats where we help people with their business and people were helping each other. You know we aren't able to do live right now. So we decided to do are virtually event and we wanted to see how he would do with that. So it's a new challenge for US Neil you want to add some more color to that before we talk about how to be amazing. Sure and I know some you it seemed like is virtual events really worth day she ended up doing it if you do it right it's definitely fun eric and I had a blast doing it not just as the host but we learned a law. We've got to interact with a lot of people and there's ways to set it up where almost like a real conference when you're interacting in person as well and if you do that ends of the really fun experience, a couple key. Things I think just to let everyone know we didn't get it perfect I. Still think we're improving this Neil nihar driving to do the best we can with these live or virtually the verse to we made a lot more mistakes than the third and fourth one really gotten. Yeah. Our Ratings at seven on the first one that it improved like an eight one up to a nine state at nine for the final one. But yeah, let's talk about it. So a couple of things that. We maybe we should talk about the mistakes we made. I think some of the key mistakes we made was not vetting detect platform enough meaning. So we use a new platform called hopping. That's H. O. P. I. N. before we moved back to zoom but that's where I can talk about that later. But what we've learned is that you can't just say these people speak these events and they're experiencing you have to test every single person which I think meal night we've always been on. The other side where it's like Oh God we have to go to ten minute test again, and then it's like you do it every single time but there's a reason for it because you don't want to be a weird in our first two speakers the very first two they had tech issues we had echos people could enjoin didn't know how to share their screen. So we just had a lot of issues and if we had tested with every single speaker, we would have had much experience. We would have much much smoother experience. The big thing that. I ended up learning from this is you don't just want to use this that makes it seem like glorified Webinar. That was the biggest mistake that I think we made and we got that in be back as well. If you do it through things like zoom and the way it was set up in Eric, you should probably talk a little bit more about this. 'cause you did more than I did on that and especially we were able to make it seem like event where you're not working learning from others almost like in Nevada versus something that was glorified Webinar that would be done over the computer. Yeah we got really good feedback from one of our members Ricardo. He was making it a key point to just say, Hey, look, we use hop in initially because the week before I spoke at virtually bend had nine hundred people or so it had some interesting features which we can talk about. But we ended up switching back to zoom meetings not zoom Webinar like right now we're on zoo but our and you can see we have a couple of days in here we can't see their faces we can't really interact. So instead what we did is we did a zoom meeting. We did it Brady bunch style so we can. See Everyone's face and the presenter would speak and then people would amuse themselves and then they would basically asked her questions and then it would be an interactive thing instead of someone reading the text and entering the human connection the bonding there is more of that granted were not in person but that what much further and the final thing I'll add to zoom is we ended up using breakout rooms, breakout rooms, put us into separate groups of five where we talk about Seo or different books or different prompts that allowed for even closer bonding. So we're glad that we switched back to zoom for those

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