Court Unseals Documents in Ghislaine Maxwell Lawsuit


Unsealed documents show that Jeffrey Epstein was offering advice. Take Elaine Maxwell as latest 2015 despite her lawyer statement that the quarters socialite had no contact with the disgraced financier in a decade. Maxwell's in a federal jail in Brooklyn after her arrest this month on charges of engaging with Epstein in a sex trafficking scheme, she's trying to stop the disclosure of documents that include her sworn testimony in a civil case. Joining me is Bloomberg legal reporter Patricia Hatano, who's been covering the Maxwell case that give us the background on these documents there? This is a prolonged involved. Story goes back here. There was a young woman named Virginia Robert to Frank's, and she says that when she was 16 years old, she encounters going Maxwell at Mar a Lago. Her dad works there, the maintenance man, he gets a job at the law. She's handing out pals and ah lovely woman. British woman comes up to her She's reading a book about massage and offered her a job working for this wealthy man who wants to go looking for a private, Mr She said. She was 16 years old at the time. So she goes to the mansion. If it turns out, she's introduced Jeffrey Epstein and he immediately and Maxwell, she alleges. Forced her to perform sex acts with the two of them program and she became a sex slave she and alleges that was in 1999 2000. So then she ends up. Trying to join a law with victims of Epstein after everything gets his secret plea deal, and she makes him comments about Maxwell publicly and Maxwell coming back and issued a press release in January 2015. She makes pigments and says that this woman is a liar. Would provoke a pram a defamation lawsuit. Dupree, Suze Maxwell for Defamation and Natural gave testimony under oath questioned about the sex trafficking. Judy was very, very aggressive. Her lawyers included David Boy and this guy Bradley, Edward and Pottenger in Florida, and they really went to question Maxwell at people that worked at the stain home in Palm Beach. All kind of allegation. Soju phase allege with force have sex that you have traffic in Spain. This man including alleged princes, possibly Prince Andrew. She named him and Maxwell denies it. So what happens is the stuff was all settled right? On the eve of trial, 2015 losses got settled right before trial, And then the documents were under field. So how did all those sealed documents get unsealed before Jeffrey Epstein's suicide? But after F being gets prosecuted, the Miami Herald goes to ask why this field And the Court of Appeals. Second Circuit Court of Appeals directed that the judge who had originally had the law didn't properly feel you shouldn't have properly field everything. It was improper to keep all the documents from the public. And so that's how we get to this point. The circuit orders last on the order all these documents and fields and all the documents start hitting the docket. And the next day, Jeffrey Epstein is found dead in his jail cell of an apparent suicide. So the document release was sent back to a new federal judge to preside over what properly on field in what should not be properly and field And you can imagine there's all these implications for other people whose names may can't come off other victims who allegedly were there when the trafficking occurred or were also traffic who may not want to have their names come out there like a Jane Doe Juan and a Jane Doe two and no Mortal, Jane Doe and also John Doe. So Judge Preska on July 23rd shelter hearing after you know, Matthew now been charged and says, Okay, let's go and have a hearing about what you get on field, So she ordered the first transfer documents to be unsealed last Thursday night, So that's how we get to the testimony. Maxwell with questioned under oath. The government used the testimony as a basis say stay. She lied and committed two counts of perjury for lying when she claimed she was never present. When Ft may have been sexually abusing, underage girl know, and she'd seen anything like it, she was not aware of that activity, illegal activity no more. President ever witnessing it so that testimony remains under seal because she went for an emergency motion and after the court of Appeals to again stop the release. Thursday night, the 30th so that was on 11th hour stock about part But the rest of the documents hit the docket starting at like 9 30 on Thursday night. How many documents are already out 2000 pages released in August. So that's when we started first seeing these allegations of possible you know Prince Andrew's involvement, some captains of industry more implicated some senators from former president their allegations that were flight records of people who were on the plane. Two F Things Iowan in the Virgin

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