Unemployment benefits vary wildly in this country


I'm sorry to report. It was more talk but no action again today in Washington has roughly thirty million began to face their economic futures out an additional six hundred dollars a week in federal unemployment benefits until and unless Congress, Hammer out a deal for more pandemic relief most jobless people will have to rely on state unemployment insurance and as marketplace's Kristen Schwab explains when it comes to state benefits geography just maybe destiny. If. You're unemployed in Mississippi. Your Life could start to feel a lot different than if you were unemployed in Massachusetts, the maximum benefit in Mississippi is around two hundred and thirty dollars a week in Massachusetts. It's over eight hundred dollars and the gap isn't just about cost of living big differences. The philosophy is unemployment something that supports labor market or is it a business cost be minimized? Chris leary with the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. There is no federal standard for unemployment benefits. So states create their own rules around who qualifies how much they. Get and for how long Michelle Evermore is with the national employment. Law Project in some states like Florida north. Carolina. Only about ten percent of people who are unemployed or even able to get a benefit that impacts people's access to food and shelter during pandemic. It also dramatically increases their risk of getting sick because of monetary concerns they have to take an unsafe job and that's GonNa actually spread the virus in slow the recovery even further she says black and Latino workers may suffer most because with the smallest benefits have the biggest minority populations. And Sylvia Grow Labor economist at UC Berkley says differences it benefits can have direct effects on a states. Economic Health unemployment benefits have A. Really, important affect of propping up the greater economy well, that extra six hundred dollars meant a lot to workers who lost their jobs. It also meant a lot to all the businesses relying on people who were spending it.

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