NIH launches possible COVID treatment by using monoclonal antibodies


To to create create synthetic synthetic antibodies antibodies that that could could treat treat patients patients who who already already have have the the virus. virus. CBS CBS NEWS NEWS chief chief Medical Medical correspondent correspondent Dr Dr John John Lapu Lapu continues continues our our Siri's Siri's racing racing to a cure tonight. Eli Lilly, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health, announced they're trying something new. A lab engineer treatment called monoclonal antibodies to stop the virus from spreading in the body. And I h director Dr Francis Collins, that monocle anybody sticks right to the part of this spike protein. It represents the part that binds to the human cell and that's the virus. Get inside. So you cover that up, and the virus has nowhere to go. In contrast to convalescent plasma taken from survivors, Blood monoclonal antibodies can be manufactured in large amounts in a lab. In a similar effort. Regeneron is working on its own synthetic antibody treatment. Doctor. Miss Gibbet Berhe is running the trial. But if I treat you now, can I prevent the possibility of progression and hospital admission? Can I improve your cabaret time? Can I also prevent transmission to other people. Meanwhile tonight, Maryland based

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