Stress, Sleep Problems and Weight Gain


So today I am very fortunate. I have the pleasure of introducing new voice on dishing up nutrition Nikki Daring is. Here with me behind the other Mike this morning Nikki has been working at nutritional weight and wellness for the past two years. been very anxious to get a chance to be on dishing up nutrition. She is also a mother of Max almost four years old. So she has a busy life. Nikki, has also experience some of her own health problems about two and a half years ago Nikki experienced concussion from an auto accident. So she knows a lot about nutrition and concussions good morning, Nikki. It's so good to be here with you today tell our listeners a little more about yourself. Good Morning Joann thank morning much. It is so exciting to be on dishing up nutrition. Talking about my favorite topic nutrition. I'm a self-proclaimed nutrition nerd to the core. Fascinated with the effects of health food affects our body. I want to tell our listeners how I found nutritional, weight, and wellness. My after my car accident and concussion I was struggling. Even though I'd been a Dietitian for seven years working with people going through at last surgery. I didn't really know what I should eat to heal. My brain was like was habit as luck would have it I. actually stumbled upon a dishing up nutrition podcast about food to heal the brain after a concussion. From my concussion I suffered a lot of different symptoms. I had memory problems, poor focus, and fatigue just to name a few. I learned from my experience that nutrition plays a huge role in the healing process. To this day I, still I'm amazed at the healing power of nutrition. Just eating real food and eliminating those process carbs improved my focus and memory. Eating real food helped me sleep better I. Have Good Energy. As my brain continues to heal I. Know I have have to eat well to continue the healing process. I am truly a believer in the power of nutrition. That's great. Nikki. Thank you. Our listeners can appreciate the healing journey you have experienced. So today to prepare for our topic. We asked listeners to send in their questions about stress and sleep, and we received hundreds of questions. If you are having trouble falling asleep. Or staying asleep, not only do we both understand firsthand, but we have many possible solutions to share with you today. I can certainly relate to this topic because a health problem I personally needed to work on with sleep that was huge for me, and now I make sure I get at least seven and a half hours of sleep most nights. Parents you know our sleep is often challenged by our children whether they are babies, toddlers, teens, or even adult children who have moved back home because of life circumstances, our job layoff restrictions, and certainly now do to covid nineteen. We've got a lot of things that have happened for people. One thing I know for sure is when I don't sleep at least seven and a half hours most nights, I start packing on a few extra pounds and my clothes don't fit right. Frustrating, very frustrating. Before, we start answering questions sent in by many of our listeners. Joanna I want to explain why people typically gain weight when they are under stress and lack sleep. In our nutrition for weight loss classes, we explain that people can lose weight while they sleep this really certainly perks people's ears up. I can lose weight while I sleep or sure. So bio chemically I just want to explain a little how that works. So bio chemically. Five or six hours a night your adrenal glands secrete the stress hormone, Cortisol? which can cause you to gain weight. I just want to repeat that because I think that's really really important. 'cause bio chemically when you hear that your ears kind of go. ooh What does that mean told Meiomi Hammock -ly when you sleep only five or six hours a night, your adrenal glands secrete the stress Hormone Cortisol, which can cause you to gain weight.

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