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ME. who could possibly be at seven in the morning. Hold on calming each. You think a person would have patients especially this hour. who is it delivery from earth giant long dot com. For me that can't be right. I I always buy my stuff from local shops. Earth giant Lung Dot Com just temps people to buy stuff, they don't need. A Good Morning Good Morning I've got some baggage is here. This one. Wait a minute. You've got like a hundred and fifty packages behind you. Are you sure there for me, Hunt says right here on the package Guy Rasi next door to the gingerbread mansion, and here we go this one. that. Wait a minute of these packages are dress to mindy. Guy. Roz Mindy. Oh. You mean her yet you got it. there. What is going off? Cabins fermenting coming along. Well, IT'S A. Baby. What is going on? Just dealing with a little delivery from Earth's giant lung, dot com small delivery. There's like A. Fifty boxes coming up that. One hundred and ninety two boxes to be precise. The ninety two boxes and anyway, why are half of them being delivered to my house? Oh. So turns out. Earth's giant lung. Dot Com has a limit on how many boxes that they'll deliver to a single address. So I had to put yours down to hope you don't mind. Mindy one of you ordered. I. Mean I know you've got a food truck and all, but I mean, this can't be cricket. bbq. It's not cricket powder. Why wouldn't need so much crooked powder. Well, then what could you have possibly ordered? Well, just the other day I was sitting at home minding my own beeswax zoodles told me that it was cyber Monday. Cyber Funday will what are you talking? Oh. So Cyber Funday is the day when all of these shopping websites like earth giant lung, dot, com have deals on everything. You could ever want in everything. You didn't even know you wanted all these toys and glitter bombs in unicorns that poop rainbows and UNICORNS. The pope potatoes in bake ovens and keychains and novelty gives an inspirational decorative plates see. This one says love laugh live. Even got in on Danis. Would you order? Hundred veget- spinners they were overstocked. But two, thousand, seventeen. Will be restless again. I'm bored Mindy. I don't understand you sure you need all this stuff. Yes. Of course, I don't need it. Geyer is it was all fail. I use the money that I made from those? Bars that Reggie Ni- sold to his Paleo Pigeon. and Boy Howdy. We made a fortune on those things. I walked away from that business venture with a thousand dollars. Wait wait hold on hold on. You're telling me you made a thousand dollars in profit from selling bird seed. Paleo. Energy bars, and you decided to spend it on a bunch of a bunch of junk. Well, you know what you always say Guy Roz one birds trashes other birds treasure. What I don't see that. Yeah. You do remember last week when Reggie helped you fish all those old plastic bottles and aluminum cans from Dennis's trash. Hey reg over here. Can you give me a hand? I'm going through Dennis is trash and he's not recycling anything I mean. Fish all these bottles and cans out of this trash bin. You want us to help you. Dentists as. Well as I always say, reg one birds, trash is another bird treasure. The Wow. Do you remember? Oh. Yeah. But but I was talking about trash that could actually be recycled and turned into something new. Because otherwise all that trash gets dumped into a giant trash dump or landfill, and well, that's not good for our environment. Picking Up. down. Guy. Arise talking about rash turning into treasure. Meant recycling deaths. Oh, and Xiaojing Bhai these one hundred and nine hundred boxes. Actually one, hundred, ninety, two boxes downing judging by those one, hundred, ninety, two boxes. You actually generated more trash. You, know what they say. I one person's trash is another person's toilet paper dispenser. That plays Christmas. Songs. report. You're calling my Wifi enabled Bluetooth, ready egg beater earings. Well. Yes. Sir I mean, no, I mean. Look at all the plastic and cardboard out here. All these things you've ordered are packed in stuff that's going to go in the trash. Recycling. India, unfortunately, that's not going to solve the problem. Of course, it will. What are you talking about Garros? Haven't? You heard heard what? Well, for the past few decades, a lot of our recycling things like paper and plastic and glass has actually been shipped off to China to get recycled. Except over the past year, China has told the world that it can't take all of our junk anymore. Why not? Well, we humans have generated too much of it and recycling all of that crash has become too difficult for China. So, what does that mean for how we recycle our garbage? Well, it means that in many cities in America and even in other countries they stopped recycling. Just stopped, recycling like Dennis. Mandy. I didn't stop recycling I never started gay Roz, if they're not recycling than what's happening with all that cardboard and plastic, well, a lot of it is being incinerated or burned. Well, that sounds like a pretty good plan to me. Well, unfortunately, it's not because every time you burn this stuff, it creates pollution in our air pollution that makes our air dirty

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