Fresh air and fear of mass transit puts bicycles back on Mumbai streets


GonNa, start with Mumbai Bicycle Counselors Why are they getting on the bikes? Like most cities around the World Mumbai has started rolling out pop bike lanes to accommodate I mean I've I've seen a huge increase in the number of black as people sort of shook public transport during the pandemic but the city is taking it one step further than pop up bike lanes are going. Install in positions of influence in city, Council counselors for its twenty four wards who are going to advocate for cycling, which is really exciting. So they're gonNA essentially, they're going to be Negotiating with stakeholders like local businesses are the civic authorities, NGO schools and colleges. To help the rollout of black lines and black infrastructure in the CD and looking helping to set up Docs for for bikes for for people to pick him up from train stations, and even setting up training zones in parts of the city for people that aren't perhaps confident on their bikes to learn. But a bit of a backlash Montrose in some places over the provision ice lanes. Maybe, this is the city that actually could have used simple counselors because because to me, it seems like there's been a little bit of a breakdown in communication in Montreal or at least certainly in terms of engagement with with the local communities. Said, they're rolling out temporary black lanes as many cities are but. A stretch in in Montreal on a believe it's it's not street Notre Dame street West outside a few venerable restaurants and establishments. Has received some backlash from from the restaurant owners there, and actually we didn't twenty four hours the city at roll back their plans to the temporary Klein and sorry it had been installed removed temporary black line and I think for me here. The thing that's interesting about this story is clearly there wasn't enough consultation and and perhaps perhaps the solution. That I propose wasn't necessarily suitable for that part of the city which clearly is relying on people unfortunately, not unfortunately, the reality is that lots of people in the city still need to be able to drive their cars and drive to these restaurants and and perhaps a better solution that balanced bike lanes with car parking motive might have served the solution that.

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