Los Angeles - California health officials release guidance on elementary school waivers for in-person instruction


California health officials have released guidelines for elementary schools to seek waivers, allowing them to offer classroom instruction in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic. The officials say some public and private schools and 38 counties on the state's Corona virus watch list can seek waivers from local health officials if they have plans for keeping students and staff safe and meet certain criteria. KP phase Christina Honest and reports the vast majority of public private and charter elementary schools in California will need permission to resume in person instruction. The school year and applies to school is located in one of 38 counties on the state's Corona virus Watch list due to increasing infections. Those schools can re open if they meet with parents and faculty and update their site Specific safety plan to meet specific criteria. State epidemiologist Dr Erica Pan describes what that criteria is they will want to be a short of the site specific plan has a lot of detail about how they're going to make sure that kids are in code words. Which is small, stable groups that are not mixing with other groups. But their safety plans in place for health screening checks or face evidence. For all that. I have strict discovering requirements to confine their state public health requirements room thinks and many other things in place that there Planning and prepared to respond for any cases of 19 kindergarten through sixth grade schools must also comply with guidance from the state and Centers for disease control. Then they can apply for a waiver through their local public health officer to resume and person instruction. Those waivers on Ly apply for kindergarten to sixth grade because health officials say those students are less likely than older Children to become infected or transmit the Corona virus. But schools and counties that have had 200 cases of Corona virus per 100,000 people over two weeks should not apply for a waiver. 14 counties in the state are in that category, including Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino, with several others just below that threshold. L. A School district is the nation's second largest, with nearly 735,000 students. It's already announced it will start the school year with only distance learning in two weeks. A district announced it'd hammered out a tentative agreement with its teachers union on how distance learning will be carried out, which includes set school hours online. The district also plans for providing at least some classroom instruction if it receives a waiver.

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