7 New Ways to Grow Your SEO Traffic


To another episode of Marketing School I'm Eric Su. Hotel and today we're GonNa talk about seven new ways to grow your seo traffic. So I'll start first because they had a Webinar on new ways to do SEO. So the first way to grow your SEO traffic new way to grow your seo traffic would be to think about on surp- seo but does that mean exactly so Serb assertion that result page, and as you know Seo now is getting more difficult because the search result pages are so dynamic you have sometimes you might have apps you have knowledge box you might have featured snippets you might have site links there's a lot. Of changes happening. So what you gotTa do from your and we've talked about Faq Schema before in the past, we've talked about all these different tactics those all fall on the search engine result page. You GotTa think about how you can do on Seo part of what you can do using software or you can do it on your own, but you can use our software. If you want click flow, you can test your titles Meta description and that is basically one element of on as he'll. There's a lot more that goes into that but I just want to give you one piece. Number two is create new formats of content. So you don't have to just do text based content. You've already seen that Google ranks videos, but did you know Google also rains podcasts? So now crawling podcasts transcribing and indexing them and getting driving traffic to them as loss. So don't create text based content, considering creating all the different types of media formats that people really leveraging these days such as video audio off Cassie I should out there make she include keywords with whatever you're talking about your research on. What you'll find is some of that context also start ranking. For many listings are pushing up just classroom pushing up just video results. So it's a way to grab more search traffic bubbling people already. Number three kind of alluded to this a little earlier. But if you Google, Matthew Woodward Faq Schema. You'll find a way to get Faq. Schema. Set Up, and in some cases you click the rate actually might go higher. This is kind of continuing to follow the theme of on Surp- SEO number four by websites now for their back lanes buying for their brand and their existing traffic and there exists. You'll traffic merging into your site makes you deleted duplicate content merge than duplicate content together what it mean by duplicate is not word for word content. But if I have article on Seo someone else has an article on Seo and they both talk bout began as a test yo you don't have to pay design begins Guy Teissier you'd WanNa merge tackle only do that. What you'll find is Marshall Tropical to ring for Marquee Words All. Right. Number five. So even though we talk about it, I don't think a lot of people do this enough think about how you can build your own widget or how you could build your own software where those will basically because those to me, there are a little more defensible than making new book or a new Info Graphic, for example so An example, this Neil night I talked about this website when covert initially hid a lot of late in the United States a lot of layoffs started happening. So these layoff tracker started going up I was actually looking at one of the layoff trackers recently, sixteen hundred referring domains going that's a lot of lakes. So if you can build something, that's helpful. Genuinely helpful. The people that's very lincoln asset. This is evergreen SEO tactic but nobody has ever talked about talk about Lincoln assets, but don't talk too much about using a product to help with branding or product to build lakes. Another thing that you can end up doing is. Look at popular tools on the Internet that are Mir Space Adam to your website. You can find a lot like code canyons stuff like that will find his they tend to create a lot of brand queries more BRANCUSI's. You have the easier to rank on Google. So yes, eric talked about lingual acids but you can also get tools that create more brand queries will you'll find as you rankings for all Europeans go up even if you're not getting into links. All right number seven kind of similar. Building on the example I gave from number five where you build a where you lied with a product could be a widget as well. But let's use Neil Uber suggests as an example, he has a lot of data, a lot of click stream data. And basically, the great thing about that is that he can make really data loaded post that nobody else can do so I remember recently, I just read something from about how everything you know about click the rate has changed, but they were pulling proprietary data that they have. If you have your own product, you're able to glean zone insights and you can produce. Content that stands out on its own which you have liquid asset that's helping you produce more link cable assets with your content.

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