Cybersecurity and the SMB


But yet, you guys are geared towards helping small businesses from policy in ready perspective on cyber right. Absolutely. So I can tell you what we do I. Just WanNa make a comment on your diversity common because I'll. I'll make a a plug for diversity across genders races. The capabilities and skills are out there, but you have to work to find them So it's just a question. If you really believe in diversity than you have to build it from the ground up get people into the position to acquire the skills, and there's plenty of there's a diverse skill that's out there but you have to look forward. and. Not just be complacent and go to the usual suspects. So that's that's my plug on diversity it it. They are particularly in this space and it's important to for US particularly cybersecurity, which is about building things and creating solutions to actually get divers, thoughts and ideas in. Well, if I made injected diversity of opinion is so important because we. I I've been in the industry. You know roughly twenty some odd years and I feel like while we continue to innovate actually like the solving things is is the difficult part right and so every couple years ago we need a fresh perspective and what we have disabled people like this is not how it is going to happen. Yeah exactly. Exactly and so the the Cyber Readiness Institute in Two Thousand Sixteen I served as executive director of President Obama's independent bipartisan commission on Enhancing National Cyber Security, and it was a nine month commission as. We're finishing up the commission and the Vice Chair of the Commission Sam Palmisano, who's the retired CEO of IBM in I came together to talk through how do you carry this momentum forward so the CO chairs were all involved co chairs of CRI were all involved in the commission of Penny. pritzker served as US Secretary of Commerce at the time and she was oversight and then Microsoft participated on the commission Ivanka the CEO of MasterCard was a commissioner and the idea was to your earlier point that by convening senior executives to come together. And say small business cybersecurity is important. You create momentum for this purpose because small businesses themselves don't have the voice and don't have the resources for this and so if you take and convene large companies and ask them to share their best practices and resources to create free tools for small businesses, then you're truly helping businesses and you're also improving the security of global value chains. The point that Ajay Banga the CEO of MasterCard with all the time is you know we're only as strong as our weakest link and particularly for a company. Like MasterCard helping small businesses make sense but it's true of all companies are members include Exxon, Mobil, General Motors, city, those companies, all recognize the importance of cybersecurity for small businesses will, and I think it's interesting as cyber security We'll save matures and it's it's time as thing One of the things that I think we we keep coming back to insert recognizing pretty readily and it's happened a few times over the years where your smallest vendor, your most insignificant from but number of dollars you pay them vendor or partner. Tends to be one of your weakest. Of A cybersecurity perspective right. So if you think about the overuse example although I haven't heard it in a while of the h back company that you know. Is your is your H, back to provide a provider of choice for the six hundred, seventy, four locations you have right or or even or even the one like you've got a shop or something of live in an area that's got a lot of these small companies that are the warehousing and electrical companies and right. These are not like global companies but they've got somebody that maintains their grounds. They got somebody that does their payroll. They've got somebody that maintains the electrical and all that and I sort of wonder How much of the companies that? These companies rely on actually do. In terms of cybersecurity sometimes, they have such A. Wealth and abundance was an embarrassment of riches as the attorney in terms of how much data they have a about some of the world's largest companies. Blows my mind that they spent like. Maybe sometimes nothing on cybersecurity will holy cow possible. Well exactly and I think one of the things that you are calling attention to, which is so critical as that supply chains are not linear. There are parts of your supply chain that people don't think about it's the catering company. It's the HVAC company and there was a story in the. New York Times by Nicole for over a couple of years ago about an oil company in Texas that was firewalls, six ways to Sunday. But they were breached because the militia actors were paying attention to the it department and saw that at six o'clock at night typically, they would download the menu from the Chinese restaurant around the corner and. To in order to order, and so they put them out where on the Chinese restaurant. because. They see a lot easier to breach

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