How to charge for a travel service post-quarantine?

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Chris my name is John and I have a question at the Cross section of travel and side hustles and I thought who better to ask than you. My friend I've been exploring places for me in a someone very close to me to visit. She's on the west coast of the US and and I'm on the East Coast and with all the quarantining, we're really excited to be able to get out and meet up and see each other here soon. I've really enjoyed the process of scouring flights and times and dates to cities within our budgets and I'd like to do this as a side hustles for others. In the same boat, I really have enjoyed it I love connecting people, and it's just checks a lot of ox for me. So my question is it's a two parter. How would you recommend I charge for such a service and also what are ways that I could find clients in people in the same boat? Thanks keep fighting the good fight Chris. We need now more than ever a lot of uncertainty and I always love your message and I always loved the great work you and your team doing. John Thank you so much create that and you are needed to graduations on being our first ever. Listener question or repeat listener caller not repeat listener question has mentioned. So, let's talk about this idea I think the challenge here is, what is the service exactly because just thinking about it very practically sites like kayak dot com, Google flights probably some others have pretty developed filters that will show people in real time like all the different for flight deals from different cities. So if you're like I'm in Los Angeles I want to go you somewhere in the Midwest and you know, I'm not sure what the best deals are. There are there are filters that show you that immediately. Same thing if you're coming in the east coast, I don't know if there's something that shows somebody exactly like where to meet in the middle or like you know where the most. Budget. Optimal location could be for two people coming from different parts of the country. But that's really specific I. Think a lot of this data is available and because it's real time, it's kind of hard to beat that. You know like anybody can go and see it and learn most of what they need to know. The only thing I can think of is the model that Charlotte McGee started with her business called whisk away episode three, forty, six ESL teacher turned travel planner since clients unsurprised vacations. In her business, she's doing quite a lot of research in terms of not just picking the city but also lots of activities and overall itinerary. In some cases planning the entire trip or someone. So there could be something there in terms of what to charge. I think maybe a flat fee is probably best not trying to do this hourly or something, but just here's my flat fee for this particular. Service. But as I said I think it will be difficult to say my services showing long-distance couples or friends where they can meet up. I think you'll have to go further than that. So maybe a good question to consider is what else to other people in this situation need. I don't know exactly what the answer is. John is in that situation. So he probably does or at least it wouldn't be that hard to figure it out.

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