Julia Elbaba on keeping her pro dreams alive


Our special guest is someone who was a legend in College Julia. L. Baba. High Girls! Thanks for having me. A brief rundown of Julian tennis career, she was number one in college as a junior Uva four time all American set a record at UvA singles with one hundred and thirty three wins, and then took her skills. Bro tour which is has been ranked as high as number three seventy two, so we want to talk about your career. Your Life, your tennis, story and kind of what's next for you because you're in New York I guess I. Where have you been for this whole pandemic? Have you been in New York or if you've been? So my father is a frontline health care worker in New York so I decided instead of like kind of staying away from him in the House I thought you know, let me just go to back to my. Stomping grounds at Virginia where things were kind of magical for me there i. just honestly they say best. Four years are in college and I never boating and when I actually went to school. I totally understood why they say that I can't get enough of that place. And I feel like many other tennis players that had attended UBA same way 'cause we were kind of all in quarantine together in Charlottesville from about mid March two up until a couple of weeks ago. We were kind of all. They're not necessarily hanging out, but we were all doing our thing in Charlottesville. Some people were hitting, but Just being there with so nice and The situation is a lot better there than New York is far as corona virus. So with regards to your college experience I. Mean I went to college for two years and I mean. You're clearly very excited talking about your college experience. What would you say like sticks out? What is it that you love so much about it? I just really appreciate a team environment of tennis and kind of playing for team. I actually that's the hardest thing I've been dealing with after call just kind of transitioning back to the individual lifestyle so playing for a team playing for your coaches, the school. The fans something about that was. Just brought me to life every day, and it was, it was beautiful and and also I'm a person that thrives in a situation where I have more than one thing going on multitasking so doing school with tennis I really that busy lifestyle, and that's kind of actually why. I started my own podcast as a way to have something else to juggle with professional tennis right now. It's a tricky time. I feel like especially. You just turned twenty six and you sound like you're still very connected to your college experience, but you did. Take your skills to the pro tour. Can you tell us where you're at in your career with tennis? Yeah so up. Until the beginning of two thousand, nineteen, I was going strong with competing traveling around the world. And then unfortunately, my body is very easily injured. I have a very muscular physique and it's just. Primarily like just genetics people think what are you doing, Jim that your body so muscular and strong like? Oh, you can ask my mom. But honestly I feel like the muscle mass. Mass! makes me more prone to injury and I'm actually now unhealthy but I was dealing with an injury for the past year. A torn UCLA in my right elbow, which is like You probably know what Tommy John. If you have to get surgery, it's Tommy John Surgery. But I didn't need that. Luckily I was actually ready to start competing again once. Quarantine hit sides kind of bad lockwood the timing. What's been one of the things that you've found other than the fact that you have to play for yourself now? I mean being on the tour is not easy. A lot of people just think that Oh. I was a good college player. You know now I'm going to just transition easily into the tour, but what was kind of the most shocking thing for you. Definitely the adjustment to just being on the road by herself. Obviously, if you know you're doing really well, you can bring a whole entourage and it's great. physios of massage therapists families all your support system, but also I Adore on court coaching. I it just really works well for me. And I get really tight and nervous on tennis court so having that coach during matches especially in college, I definitely thrived in that environment. So I'm actually very. Much like into trying to have coaching during matches in protest I think that would just be super cool. Tennis is like the only sport that doesn't have that like why.

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