Marvel's Avengers: Retailer Says Spider-Man PS4 Exclusive Listing Not Correct


Spiderman may be exclusive to the playstation version of Marvel's avengers a since removed product blurb on the retail website based dot listing for the upcoming Marvel's avengers game noted that Spiderman would be exclusive to the playstation four version of the game and by extension the playstation five version when that releases. Andy Robinson reported on the detail for Video Games, Chronicle Dot, com, and wrote it's not clear if the marketing blurb was supplied by publisher square, inex- However the company has previously confirmed has a global marketing deal with playstation and that there would be surprises for playstation players. That story is linked in the show notes and would be undeniably pretty big surprise for playstation players. It would make sense to considering Sony's part ownership relationship with. The character Spiderman has been a weirdly important element of Sony's business for some time. Sony makes money off all Spiderman Marvel movies and the playstation three pretty much wholesale news these Spiderman Font established by these Sam Raimi's spider man films for its logo, and then of course, there is the INSOMNIAC developed Spiderman game that Sony published which performed so well that it led Sony to finally put a ring on insomniacs finger and purchased the studio.

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