Mastering Money With the Budgetnista


So. Tiffany. Let's start with your personal story. So we're currently in third recession of the century. But I'm guessing that you're doing just fine partially at least because of the lessons you learned during the last recession to tell us a little bit about your history, what the last recession was like for you and what has happened since then. Now. Certainly The last question caught me off guard i. Was Not prepared. I because quite honestly I was a schoolteacher and you know I was pretty confident. I'm like, I don't know that schoolteachers lose their jobs because you know we are essential workers, and now yet here we are back again. But Yeah I was a schoolteacher and I didn't move my job actually in two, thousand, eight when so many of my friends did but I let I lost it at the tail end of two, thousand nine. So it really took me by surprise but. Up until like I would say, twenty, five, twenty, six, I was what I called financially. Perfect. I grew up in a household. Money was talked about wasn't scared of talking about finances. Might author was a CFO OF A small nonprofit? He also had his NBA in economics, his his a in finance. My mom was a nurse and we literally used to have money meeting so. I. Didn't grow up with the angst that most people did. So by the time, I was twenty five even though. I was teaching preschool wasn't making much. I think I was making like forty thousand dollars a year By the time I was twenty, five ahead. Forty thousand saved bought a Condo I. I had an ADL to I. Think Credit Score at didn't have any credit card debt. I paid off like my parents helped with my undergrad degree plus. I commuted. So what I did haven't stood alone. I was able to pay that off a few years after school. So financially perfect like okay. So I honestly couldn't relate although I was helping my friends with their budgets savings and things like that. I couldn't relate to the mistakes because I had not yet need them but I was going to then. When I was twenty six, I went on to get my masters in education and I was like, okay. So you now you went from no debt to a mortgage, not so bad. I had a a you know student loans because my master's not so bad. But by twenty six, I said, okay. Now, I'm ready to learn to invest and instead of asking my father who has literally two degrees in years of experience I'm GonNa ask a friend of mine. and. So I asked a friend of mine who appeared to be independently wealthy because he had like a really nice car. and. Like a like a fancy apartment he's well I think Spurs. You have to learn to invest with other people's money at. My money. So what he postulated as is that. Do, you have credit card said, yes. But I paid off in full every month because as instructed by my father, he was like well, did you know you could pull money off a credit card? I, did not know that. So he said not only can you pull off one? You could pull it off to I was like double the mistake. Let's do it. So I pulled off twenty thousand dollars off of my credit cards and I went to invest with him what's to say? That didn't happen I. ENDED UP Thirty, five thousand dollars in credit card debt when I didn't have credit card debt prior and I just remember thinking a first year. I said didn't want to take responsibility for the mistake that I made I did not tell my dad or my mom. But I pay just a minimum because I said, you know what? He's going to come back or he's GonNa. Take care of this because it's not my fault of Ansel from age twenty seven I didn't do anything. Well, twenty, seven night out the money twenty eight, just pay the maximum finally twenty nine, I said all right I'm GONNA pay off this debt just going to buckle down I live pretty frequently anyway, and then twenty nine is when I lost my job. So. Now, I've got a mortgage student loan credit card debt and I was like, okay, I don't know what to do. I've never been in the situation. So. Fallon to this light dark hole of like spiral like because I'm twenty nine going on thirty I've lost everything as far as I can tales financially. So I ended up moving back home with my parents without telling them why they knew it was the recession obviously, and they also knew I lost my job, but they didn't know. ABOUT CREDIT CARD DEBT Live with them for year than I. Am I live with my sister on her couch for year, try to figure out my life because back. Then now we're getting the six hundred dollars a week on our stimulus stimulus check. But what was happening then as they just extended unemployment typically, you can get unemployment for up to a year. They extended to two years. So I said, okay, you have two years to. To figure out what are you going to do with your life I was afraid to go back to work for someone because I thought it, you can lose a job as a preschool teacher essential. Then that's not safe. What could be safe? So I tried a bunch of different things I tried on party promoting party planning I volunteered everywhere I can think of, but while doing so I was helping my friends. But save get out of debt all these things in one day. My friend said, you should turn that into a business and I'm like you. Now I had gone to school my bachelor's degrees in business, but I hadn't used it. And so I, tried to charge people one on one. Only to find the people that you're actually helping with your budget. The reason why they hired us because they don't have any money. So that was a bad business. So I, switched my business model to one too few and I worked on getting contracts and I got my first contract with the United, way? And I rose excited 'cause they were going to pay me I think like. Three, or four, hundred dollars a class and I had a six week course that I'd written. For them, and so I did, and that was like my first. Okay. Maybe I can really make a run at this My little sister gave me the nickname, the budget. So that became because she said like, I'm not like the fashion. Easter. Who is really fashionable, but I am very cheap so

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