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Overnight days among them that his historic knee injury goes back to a 40 Niner game. Colonel Alexander of the Niners, I guess tackled him in the knee got torn up and that was it. That was so anyway. He also scored six touchdowns against the 40 Niners in one game. Damn it, Coach. How's that for a fantasy? Sunday? It's pretty big day. You make any claims today, Murph for you all over the idea that I did I did. I got one denied went to help. And I did I picked up. Ah, well, Courtland Sutton hoo! I was kind of counting on eyes out for the year. I mean, I can't cry because people have lost McCaffrey and say, Kwan I know looking dude. I mean, Could you lose? Lost Christian McCaffrey Did. I lost my running McCaffrey hand and you were running your little yesterday and still ahead of you in the standings, though it's a long way to go, But I know now. Okay? Right there right there, buddy. Yeah, well, injuries are part of the game, my friend. That's it, dude, but I accept a job, Courtland Sutton and picked up Akil Harry of the Patriots. Okay, Who'd you do What you do? I got my Davis for who's Krista McCaffrey's back up, So he's goingto guess. Start for me. Do not lose both of my running backs and Levy on. Felt so my

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