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Firm off sports sports, Madam Coping these year 41 Pass headlines on September 23rd 2000 and 20 San Francisco Giants Gonna win yesterday there 27 27 now Sitting just on the outside looking in via tie. Breaking that National League playoff picture They pounded. 10 hits Joey Barton yesterday, a couple of doubles and a rib. Alex Dickerson, a huge home run and Brandon Belt, a big R B, I double toe lead the Giants. It was through. Smiley, who started the Game five and a third, four hits, five strikeouts and one earned run Giants back at it again today against the Colorado Rockies will have it for you right here. On KNBR, 1045 and 6 80 40 Niners have announced that they've protected running back to Michael Hasty on the practice squad, so he won't be picked up by any other team, And they've also announce that they're bringing in running back Paul.

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