Taking a closer look at the Surface Duo

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You have reviewed the surface duo, the Microsoft surface duo, and before we really get into it like this hardware season in particular I feel like we've gone from like Oh, we've got weird experimental form factors to we've got foreign factors that people are trying to make real. What do you think of this idea that we're finally moving away from just flat glass slabs I think it's an interesting dichotomy because on the one hand, we've got Samsung and Microsoft trying late duo screen and folding screens and with the wing. Holy. Is Getting Weird and then love the weird I welcome it. But on the other hand, we've also got the candy. Bar. That traditional smartphone look is really just gone to a point where it's so almost boring, but it's good. That and it's so the formulas or find that Google was able to pixel for a and actually that's what I liked more. But the place for like a surface duo something like that, right? It's not like people haven't tried to make dual screens. Happen is just like the excitement now is palpable. It's people want something like this now where they might not have as much before. Yeah, I think that's like the people want and whether or not there's a market for it is a big question. So the thing that I struggle with is, are they doing this because they can you know the terrific park quote scientists? Or they doing it because they have a genuine vision they're just doing it to like have something that feels new because the the the market is stagnating a little bit and there's like a you know just everything is a candy bar. Now actually we have a clip we'd had Panos Panay service up on the verge cast a while ago when they were first like trotting around showing everybody I'm Andrew can you play that clip from pantry talks about the category of this thing I feel like phone is such a limiting word you know, and then you say well smartphone I don't even know what that. Means and then fablet I'm not sure what that is but everything hasn't identifying factor to it. Even when we started surface people are like so it's a tablet on my tablet just not tablet to surface. I, don't know what to say and you want to categorize it and put it there I. Think if you're going to create a new category, you're going to try and change things push push things forward. The minute you put you put in a box I think you're law so I've been pretty resistant to that just to not end up there I I'm pretty sure pence knows what a fab line is. I don't think he's too lost. When someone says, it's a tablet no I in my review to like I immediately was like what is the surface duo? It's not a phone. It's just not good as a phone, not a phone. It's also not really a tablet in fact, that's a tablet I. think it Kinda Sucks. It's just something trying to be a lot of things and hearing that Panos description of it now makes a lot of sense. This duo seems to be something that doesn't really know what it is and doesn't know what it wants to be, but it's still trying to be a lot of things anyway

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