Gordon Hayward is ah is a guy



Think about think about what happened after the Miami Heat took game to Marcus Smart was heard by media members screaming in the locker room and Jalen Brown had to call him calm them down. And then you know, head coach has to get involved in all of a sudden it turns into a kerfuffle you no other way. I'll never use that word. I will not have never used that. I never will. Yes, but I don't mean to be, but I never used the word. What it turned into, just doesn't sound now here at manly enough. It's not a point by point because what are they fighting about I the the heat were played really well. That's what the he'd have done the whole time. So it's not like they're losing to Al. L like losing to the Nets, you know who somehow made it to the you know, to the West of the Eastern Conference finals and playing a really good heat team that is very well coached Onda as one of the best front offices as we talked about as well, so they brought in all the requisite pieces to be champions have viable now that the championship but they are viable the Miami heat. And so the Celtics They get emotional and it's it feels anti this team, right. You think about Jason Tatum, who is very cerebral. You think about Jalen Brown, who is

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