Using s a five w 30, Jeff. Good morning. It's great to have you here.


Why I would say that first of all Derek card gets beat up every season. They got through for 4000 yards of last year's. I've kind of been a dear Derek Carr apologist the last couple of years. But as you look at what they're doing, they have a balanced offense. When what you see from Jon Gruden is there rushed to run ratio. I mean, they're rushed to pass ratio is almost identical, right? I mean, and so you see a guy who's in rhythm, You see a tight end being used in that West Coast offense, which you know they're going to do. And you see Josh Jacobs, who has a nasty disposition when he runs. I mean, this guy gets behind his pads. They had three offensive lineman hurt If he all those getting didn't matter, Josh Jacobs continues to run behind his pads. That's the catalyst for this offense, because you know it opens everything else up for these guys and Walter had a big game, but it wasn't like they were explosive. They were just chain moving drives. I thought Derek Carr played really well. Last night didn't start good. But as the game went on, you saw the progression for him. Hats off that he and groove man. No one expected them to be the Saint's last night, And they put on a display Jeff which to a No team is not really Call Chicago bears. Not Not really. I mean that that's not a hard one time you listen, Mitra, your biscuits. That's a fellow Tar Heel, UNC alarm the whole deal. But you know, they came back through three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. They beat the Giants and alliance. Neither team that you're you know, you're really that concerned that so I would say the bears. In my opinion, they're not really Oh,

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