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And We delve into a whole treasure trove of some of those stories and this week we wanted to kind of circle are one that he wrote about two years ago around the story of the Cleveland spiders. Now, the Cleveland spiders as many baseball fans may know especially in eighteen ninety nine were known as and still are the worst team purporting in the worst season in major league baseball history, the eighteen ninety nine, Cleveland spiders showed up with a record in the National League back in the day of Twenty wins and one hundred and thirty four losses. A record that still stands I think it was a one eighty winning percentage if you want to give him call it that. Expires were in the National League the earliest the most the earliest days of the national. League. Basically, running. Let's say they were around from. Nineteen excuse me eighteen eighty, nine to eighteen ninety, nine, hundred, ten years. The last year of their existence is when they rolled that sort of horrible. Record they were preceded by two years in the American Association Eighteen, Eighty, seven, eight, hundred, Eighty, eight. So two seasons there. but we're going to get into the story of their very last year of existence the spiders. In eighteen ninety nine and the reasons behind it, it's a it's a fascinating story. It's been told where, but we KINDA SORTA get into the nitty gritty of it but basically it's a story that includes another team the Saint Louis Perfect does who you people in St Louis will of course no where the actual direct lineage and a source of what are now known as the Saint Louis Cardinals that's one aspect of the story another aspect of the story of courses there. There are horrid record and how it lasts even in today's modern age nobody's come close although there's been a few the mets of of sixty to, for example, were pretty bad a bunch of other teams that sort of a a approached it but certainly nothing. To the extent of the the terrible record posted by the the Cleveland spiders the and we get all that story but it's also interestingly somewhat unwittingly wrapped up into The current travails that the Cleveland now called Indians in the American league, have been around forever in Cleveland now find themselves in in today's sort of modern and the the imperfection of of that name and it's treatment if you will of the native American among our citizenry and something that we actually talked about. In similar straits when we talked about the WASHINGTON NFL Football Franchise And their name issues and probably other teams as we sort of alluded to. As well but the reason why it's important for this story this week yes baseball historian will recognize that the. American League Cleveland Indians have no direct relationship to the nationally team known as the spiders that died after the eighteen ninety, nine season however. As you heard in that in that set up. Louis or Lewis. sockalexis one of the Star Standout and native American by the way by many accounts recognizes the first ever native American. A player in National League and Actually Major League baseball history. Was a key player. On that spiders team. I believe both in the woeful year of eighteen, ninety nine if I'm not mistaken but certainly in the years prior to that. Apparently the reason why the team that came in the American league a few years after that was named. its current and the Indians, and actually the name nickname Indians was applied to. the spiders informally. In deference. To sockalexis. So it's a, it's. An intriguing story with multiple layers that half of which we didn't even expect when we just reached out to say, Hey, eric, which will be back on the show to talk about one of your great stories from sports stories. Again, that's sports stories DOT SUB STACK DOT COM for you if you guys one of subscribe to it. As we just innocently sort of asked about this little Asterisk I think in baseball history the the woeful night excuse me eighteen. It's hard to say their woeful eighteen, ninety nine season of the Cleveland spiders, which is our topic this week here on the big show and it's it's a fascinating story lots of intrigue lots of Tangents and we get into it in just a few moments. With America, please stick around. Sponsorship this week is brought to you by our show is brought to you by old school shirts, dot, com where

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