Joining us it's Monday.


Joining us it's Monday. Number 21st 2020 Matthews for doubled up on his radio 9 50. We expect lots of sun in the Detroit area the next couple of days. Very nice afternoon. It will be turning warmer tomorrow on, especially Wednesday. The complete accurately forecast coming up. That's meteorologist Carl Bobinsky. Right now it's mostly clear. 49 degrees for Detroit, Double Dutch traders. Time is four or five. And continuing with more on CBS's top story, President Donald Trump is urging the Senate to let him appoint the next Supreme Court justice after the death of late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg over the weekend. But Michigan Attorney General David Russell says this task should be appointed to the man who wins the general election on November 3rd and will be in the Oval Office for the next four years. But she says that anything could happen At this point. I feel like everything is on the table when you have this sort of double standard that seem to be applicable through Mitch McConnell. And what we've seen so far in the

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