Waiver Wire! Is Mike Davis Legit? (09/22 Fantasy Football Podcast) - burst 15


Game but he had nine targets and the browns have been he's seventeen targets the to game the browns have been so bad against tight end so for to go. So where would he slot in but rather have Elliott Cox or Logan Thomas I'd rather have Logan Thomas long-term but molly. Cox. Better as long as Jack Oil Out, right. So allie Cox will probably get the nod this week. We're going to talk about the colts against the the. Against the number one st for me this week charges against Carolina see the charges were dropped they were playing the chiefs but they played really well, Jesus and the Cleveland Browns against Washington these these DSP's are pretty available. So that could be a high priority for people and Michael. Badgley Rodriguez. Crosby. Good show is thank you very much.

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