Front and their Kyle Shanahan and Pete Carroll hit with $100,000 finds


Ansah is a 40 Niner. And and Kyle Shanahan spoke from the Greenbrier in West Virginia. What what a lovely place to be to have such a bunch of horrible stuff happen. I mean, they're illegal at Greenbrier Fabulous Resort. You know the beautiful By the way, they say, West Virginia. People tell you that for the most beautiful states in the nation, people will tell you that there is a to hate. You got John Denver singing about you. Don't take me home. Eso hears. He's sitting there at the green. Where talking about all the bad stuff that happened to him. Okay, But here's a guy you're going to see. On Sunday and for the rest of the year. Ziggy ANSA already say Kyle Shanahan. Yeah, we agreed to terms with Ziggy. Once he passes the covert testing everything. It should be official, and hopefully you get him in here for Wednesday, practicing S o. I mean, playing against idiot on his hell of a player who crushed pastoring played the run Well, so hopefully get in. Get him in here soon and get him caught up and we're going to try to do it anyways. But They're just hidden. That's definitely gone over some dangerous tree Paddock last 24 hours. I'm optimistic about this. I'm open. It's going. It's going to work out of hope. These guys can do this stuff by the way, said passing the covert test. Speaking of covert eye, sees it on the front and their Kyle Shanahan and Pete Carroll hit with $100,000 finds not wearing their masks. I've been wondering about that, though. Where? Ah, not just Kyle. But when you see the coaches on the sidelines who haven't been massed up? I've been wondering well have league would respond. Now we get an answer now. Is that a once like Murph? So in other words, if if Let's just say Shanahan did that again, For whatever reason hit him again, would Wow They just keep hitting 100 grand a pop. In fact, Here's Here's Adam Schefter from the last night on the Tell you What? I don't care how much money Kyle's making hundreds of big Fine, that's a big fire it issue. Last week, NFL sent out a strongly worded memo that said coaches had to wear masks on the sidelines and the NFL felt like there were three coaches that didn't do it this weekend. Fangio, Denver call Shanahan San Francisco. And Pete Carroll in Seattle. It find each those head coach is $100,000 and find each of those teams $200,000 over a million dollars in fines for not wearing mess and the league might not be

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