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Have won a lawsuit challenging New York City's plans to build a jail down. The lower Manhattan family is the petitioner in this lawsuit, and he says the judge agree the city's plans were part of And a legal process. Here's Jan Leon that lawsuit. We're very happy that the judge has understood that the city has not taken a hard look at some of the health impacts in building a jail of this size. And also found the process to be totally illegal. It is not yet known of the city will appeal. Computer problems shut down all 39 of New Jersey's motor vehicle agencies on Monday, frustrating those waiting in law. Only somebody came up. They said that they were down, but that's all I know. But the situation's horrible Miss School for this and then they started told us that the system was down and bears 7 40. So now it's like my whole day was just came the waist. It was a waste. Those wedding say they weren't given information for hours and hours. Agencies are up and running as of today, two water main breaks today and Brunswick Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey this morning. Utility crews from Suez water are on scene repairs underway. W. ABC News Time. 10 0 for THREAT Exports and weather Next radio 77 Dhoni wavy See Sean Bessler entertaining and informative is it owned by the Chinese Communist Party? Are they sitting around? Looking at these APS. I

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