We see that the Raiders came roaring back. Hashtag Willard was right. You know what I mean


Where do I start? I'll start with Nick Bosa confirmed A C L out for the year. Solomon Thomas confirmed a C l out for the year. Raheem Mostert knee sprain out for Sunday. Tevin Coleman Knee injury out for multiple weeks. Polly. It's too much homework. Bad, baby. No, Kyle Shanahan take it from here. I got to start with injury stuff. A lot of this stuff isn't still confirmed you where were all those nor at the Greenbrier? We had an Emory truck scheduled up here in the truck broke last night. So the local hospitals help himself with MRI's, But that's why we're behind on everything. We got back so far, we got Jimmy with a high ankle. We'll see how it goes. This week does still have a chance because it's not a severity is not real bad, but it is. I angle most hurt em seals frame. Almost likely the out this week on another guy's You haven't got a confirmed yet. Kevin with the knee Sprain, D. J. Jones of the nickel green lot of thigh contusion. Tom, and then both You and Saul most away. Well, at that point, they got the word later in the day about Bo sent Solomon and the big news in there was Jimmy G ankle sprain. Not as severe as thought. He is a chance to play on Sunday. We'll fall that all week and then one last night. Our news. Polly's They did sign Ziggy answer. Yes, once, eh?

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