Episode 37: Drive Of The Week

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And without further ADO, we've every episode with Dr of the week. If you don't know what a drive is, a driver's a line from a TV or movie said with exceptional velocity and volume. Segment belongs to Jamie Klein. All Right Ladies and Dick Liquors what we have here is. Leave one of the. Best Eddie Murphy Movies for those who are familiar with Eddie Murphy of movies such as. Haunted Mansion Dr Doolittle One and two. Thousand Words and of course, Mr Church will you are fucking retarded because Eddie? Murphy was being back in the eighties doing movies such as trading places, Beverly Hills. Cop. I'll even throw motherfucking best offense on that Shit. Golden Child and of course, one of the best Trading places favorite. But this one here is from forty eight hours. Here's an Eddie, Murphy drive for you Fox. Your. fucking pulp. Goddamn Game Love Your fucking mind. Goddamn Damon. fucking mind because God damn game. Your fucking mind because Dan game. Listen this is. Not Your fucking. Still Better F on the front of this. Damon. Movie choices like the two thousand. Stop. Swearing. Serving family. Movies. Eddie Murphy's. He's just swears yet. That's he's hysterical when he just doesn't hold back he here's the thing with that. It's like. He did do two movies without the swearing that was still decent. Golden Child think is a funny movie i. I'm not saying it's good. It's fine and. I actually enjoy the first nutty professor when a lot actually the second one is stupid but as most sequels. Yeah especially comedy sequels awful but. He did come back. I don't know if you've seen the the net flicks. Movie that he did was recently about Rudy Ray Moore. Is Awesome yeah it's fantastic. It's Prime Eddie Murphy, and that's a mention. Any perfect did come back during. Saturday night live in December and I thought that was the best Saturday night live is Ben. He's actually fucking money that cooking show Bert Oh my. Jack Murder? Swears at the end. So, let's let's take a quick poll here when you think back nineteen seventies nineteen eighty Saturday night live Eddie Murphy was the first thing. All Mister Robinson's neighborhood. Hot. Tells me. Now. For me, it's Gumby. I don't know why. Sulky doubt. It I'm GONNA be damaged. You know it just as bad wine. STANDS OUT TO. Me How all of us pretty much chose a of different different character. Yeah. That stands out. I mean. He was the best there ever was night live I. was there anyone better than? Oh Go. His his big thing I think was that he held up pretty much the entire show up. Yeah. Third House at a new cast nobody liked them. No one. Knew he basically ran everything. I mean, when the number two guys Joe Piscopo you know. Got Crew. Go. Slow. Live from New York. It's Saturday night starring Eddie Murphy Joe Piscopo and nobody else you give a shit about. Nobody. Murphy always has a special place in my heart because he was the first are rated to move onto theater at. GRANDPA took me to see Beverly Hills. Nice and I'll never forget when I first started a movie in the theaters. Awesome. When he said fuck like while signs in the first two minutes was. Forever in are rated Eddie Murphy movie in the theater might have been like distinguished gentleman. Like that. One of those trump it was I didn't. I didn't see. It was either that or beverly. Hills cop three. One of my budget's me to see coming to America. Home Really I saw that on my birthday. King. You guys have. Not Distinguished Gentlemen together. Yeah. I think so I think we saw that in the together. You guys rated. Shout out the Harvester Pearson's in that one. Senator. nessie atmosphere. That was the drive of the week brought to you by trash men media for the latest blu-ray and movie commentary go to Media Dot COM also on twitter and facebook. and. Don't forget to check out www dot. Dot Com your latest news and Noble Shit.

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