China sentences Ren Zhiqiang, tycoon who criticized Xi, to 18 years in prison


The former property tycoon to a lengthy jail turn for corruption run. Jae Young, an outspoken critic of President Xi Jinping, was once a prominent member of the ruling Chinese Communist Party. From Beijing. Stephen McDonald reports. The man known here as big Cannon for his outspoken criticism of China's leadership, has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. According to court documents. Renji Chung, the former chairman of state owned property developer Hawaiian Group confessed to crimes of corruption, bribery and embezzlement. Why the China analysts have seen this as a way of silencing a once powerful critic of Communist Party General Secretary Shi Jin ping. Ren disappeared from public life in March after writing an essay, which slammed she Jinping's management of the Corona virus. The British Prime Minister

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