Is around nothing but Brown and flush it down.


What chances? Joe Burrow having to make it to Holling. Well, he's been contacted now. 22 times in two games. I understand they put a cold tub. On board the plane on the way back, and he's still in it. I also understand they've got four games coming up against the Steelers in the Ravens. Well, think about that. A couple of shots last night that Richardson guy for the Browns threw him threw him down last night like he was a ragdoll. What about Bobby Hart? Because the well the offensive line where a bunch of Matador's last night All they were doing was yelling. After they yelled hike, but I think the offensive line said Ole, and here they come. All I can say is around nothing but Brown and flush it down. People are pissed off, too. Aren't they? All on the team? They're pissed off. Yes, they are. Give us a live update Willie, the student reporters a proud service of a local temp, star, heating and air conditioning dealers. Temp star quality you could feel in Cincinnati called Wyoming Aaron 1888996 H the A C's Gonna go to that guy's creamy whip. Invited us to a creamy whip. That's correct. Got to get to the creamy whip. Uh, Bangles tight end CJ you Zomba Willy is out for the year with a torch Achilles. Not good right Achilles injury last night and carted off the field. That's it And

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