Boston Red Sox Lay Off 10% Of Workforce, David Ortiz Recovering From Coronavirus, Says He’s ‘Feeling Great’


Say they have laid off about 10% of their full time employees as a result of the cove it pandemic. And speaking of the Red Sox former slugger David Ortiz, famously known as Big Poppy, says he is recovering from Cove. Ortiz made the announcement during the broadcast last night of the Red Sox Yankees game in the fourth inning. Ortiz was a guest from his home in the D R. He said he was asymptomatic and took his final test Thursday, which now came back negative. He also says he's feeling great. His brother, meanwhile, also had the Corona virus and was seriously ill but has since recovered. There happened more than 106,000 covert 19 cases in the Dominican Republic. We'll take a

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