371: Autumn Smith - Healing From IBS & Anxiety, Supporting Regenerative Agriculture, Organ Meats To Support Mental Health


Coming up on the ultimate health podcast we don't only want it to be good for health who wanted to also be environmentally friendly and these farmers that we were working with kept teaching us about this new kind of farming called regenerative farming that was defined by its ecological outcomes was actually able to regenerate soil and sequester carbon. The UN estimates, we only have about six years of topsoil left. So when I became a mother and I realize that my little maverick might see a day where we don't have the topsoil for him to grow his own food it got really really scary. And welcome to alternate all podcast episode three, hundred, seventy, one, I'm Jesse Chapas and I'm here to take your health to the next level each week Oh bring you inspiring and informative conversations about health and wellness covering topics of nutrition lifestyle, fitness mindset, and so much more. In this week I'm chatting with Autumn Smith she's the CO founder Paleo Valley an wild pastures she holds a masters in. Holistic nutrition she's certified eating psychology coach and a certified Afghan Practitioner Autumn's passion for health began with their own struggles with IBS anxiety despite a career as a professional dancer in celebrity fitness trainer her own health was in shambles desperate for a cure autumn and her husband Chaz stumbled upon the Paleo Diet in two thousand eleven and within a month the beginning it, her health was completely transformed. Then made it her mission to share the information, she had learned with this many people as possible, autonomous, such inspiring journey, and it's so amazing to see her in a great place. After all she's been through we had a really great chat covering a lot of ground. Some of the highlights include supporting farmers using regenerative agriculture how OUGHTA maintains balances a mom, wife and entrepreneur. What does it mean to be

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