Trump to Make Supreme Court Nomination Over the Weekend



In person at the White House on Monday. Sources describing the two as having a quote very good conversation, sources sources say say Barrett Barrett spent spent a a considerable considerable portion portion of of the the day day on on White White House House grounds grounds in in meetings meetings with with the the president's president's top top aides, aides, including including White White House House counsel counsel Patsy Patsy Bologna, Bologna, who who was was leading leading the the vetting vetting process process with with Chief Chief of of Staff Mark Meadows. The president has also taken an interest in judge Barbara Lagoa, a former chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court, a state that he must win. But some top aides have questioned her conservative credentials, noting that 27 Democrats voted to confirm will go up to the 11th circuit last year. Catherine Folders ABC News Washington, Democrats continued to blast the president and Senate Republicans for planning to move forward. Nancy Pelosi even mentioned impeaching President Trump spoke at a rally in Ohio last night and said he will nominate a replacement for Ginsburg. And so is our nation mourns the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I will soon announce. A nominee for the United States. Supreme Ginsberg will lie in repose this week of the Supreme Court on Friday will lie in state at the Capitol. The

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