MAC postpones all fall sports, including football; plans on spring season


Football appears on the brink of possibly postponing the season the mid Atlantic conference cancelling games this fall because of the corona virus here's ABC's Janai Norman. Tonight a drastic decision a division one college football conference cancelling the fall season over concerns of Covid nineteen the mid American conference postponing kickoff hoping to play in the spring. There are simply too many unknowns for us to put our student athletes in situations that are not clearly understood. I am heartbroken we are in this place all eyes are turning to the major conferences to see if others have described the season the University of Alabama one of college football's most dominant programs hit with a small outbreak forced to cancel its first game. The SEC POWERHOUSE is vowing to kick off the they believe that is Part of the fabric of the State and university and they want to continue to play, they can do so safely crimson tide school leaders argue campus may be the safest place for their athletes. After already during an outbreak of Cova cases, those schools certainly have the financial resources to be able to test at a high rate to be able to protect their players. And Tom Rutgers football program had to shut down some workouts because of a Cobra outbreak as other programs try to nail down plans for season but so much is still changing.

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