Women, Agency, & Pleasure


I'm sure by now you've seen and heard the news release from Cardi B. in May called wop. Well, of course, everybody in their Mama has an opinion about this own. So we had to chat about what it all means and Dr Lex Brown James is back with us to join the conversation. Dr lex is an Amazon bestselling author of these are my is this is my nose. This is my vulva. These are my toes and is a licensed marriage and family therapist in a certifies sexuality educator supervisor. When not in therapy she contracts with organizations regarding reproductive justice and accessible comprehensive. In Anti Oppressive Sexuality Education. Dr Lexin I, chatted about the stereotypes that are often invoked in commentary about black. Women's sexuality. The. Importance of agency in sexual liberation. How. Respectability politics are used to shame black women and how we can unpack our own shame around sexuality to encourage healthier attitude towards sexuality for our children. If anything resumes with you all join this episode. Please share with us on social media using the HASHTAG. TB In session. Here's our conversation. Thank you so much for joining us again today Dr Legs. Thank you for having back I. Love it here. We, are always happy to have you back. I really use you slide into my deals like, Hey, you know we talk about this. You created the perfect platform. So, tell me likes what was your initial reaction to the visuals as well as audio. In my chest, my reactions were. Still. Got It. That's what I thought initially like I could drop down get back up and I didn't out nor did I di- I was really proud of myself. Out of that. And it was so free nervous. The nineties Misao Josiah, I, grew up in Atlanta I grew up in college park. So here in Franks key on the radio was normal and regular everyone was like look at this homage homage and that was unexpected and then all the commentary and it's all based on this over sexualization of women and I was like, okay let's see the skull but everybody only defaulted to the over sexualization of the black woman based on this. Stereotype. The stereotype is the idea that. Lack, women typically our class figured lighter skin and with some tape of nine kinky hair, the the the Mulatto type woman is sexually overt and think a Karma Jones right. So Carmen in that movie would be the idea of a jazz about but people forget the conversation where. Black women and their relation also centralized as mammy. So fat dark skinned black women who have kinky hair who are considered not necessarily sexual, right? Because they're not the Jacksonville and yet they reproduce and take care of children. They are the form other four People Gov as the Welfare Queen, they're having tax they're producing but certainly seen as very sexual, and then there's also the Sapphire and the Sapphire is comes from and Andy rate in it's considered that kind of ball buster type woman who is like all well, you can't handle me and. Attitudinal and maybe like a clair huxtable, I will tell you when we will be together in this way and then there's the superwoman. So the Black Superwoman, this idea that women can make a dollar out of fifteen cents, take your communities in their children and their partners and their job and every. Old In an amazing and they're never exhausted or tired always pleasant attitude and the considered asexual right because there are so strong and they don't even need sex and nobody's willing to really them because they don't need have this. Physical pleasure or satisfaction lives. All of these other stereotypes? The only one that people went to focus on was the jets as I pigeonholing. So what do you think that is do you think that people aren't even aware of all these other stereotypes? Be Aware but I don't think that their sexuality is as amped up and I think that a black woman in charge of her own sexual pleasure is scary for some folks. We have a lot of shame I was personally told as a child to call maybe China pocketbook Zionist, governor. Yeah You keep your pocketbook close and you keep it off the floor. Right those are the two things you learned and I was like. That's interesting. Why would it ever be on the floor but the idea that if you had his own sexual pleasure, your type of Ho, your some type of one time and. over-centralised homequote not wifey material right and so I don't think the other ones get as much play because they are somewhat more acceptable.

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